VLaunch (VPAD) Price Prediction 2022 and Beyond – Can VPAD Eventually Reach $50?

The cryptocurrency market is known to have some of the most caring and supportive communities. This also applies to the non-fungible token (NFT) market. Most cryptocurrencies, tokens, and NFT collections are built all around the community. Some even claim to be created by the community, for the community. Understanding that this industry promotes decentralization, this should not come as a surprise to anyone.

The power of a strong community is best seen in new cryptocurrency projects. Building a strong community before launch gives each project a huge boost in the market. Several examples can give you a better idea of the influence of the community on the crypto market. VLaunch, Ardana, The Sevens, and many more projects serve as examples. When it comes to simply have a strong community, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are amongst the best examples.

One way to get a boost and build a community for your project early on is through launchpads. However, launchpads have had many major issues until today. The main issues were cross-chain compatibility and centralization. Just recently, VLaunch came into the market to change the game. They claim that they are the solution to these issues.

VLaunch (VPAD) Fundamental Analysis

To begin with, let us take a look at the fundamentals of VLaunch. After months of marketing and community-building, VLaunch joined the market on the 23rd of December 2021. Before joining the market, VLaunch had already built a community of more than 100k followers on Twitter and one with even more members on Telegram. This helped the project skyrocket immediately after it launched.

Moving on, VLaunch has one of the biggest influencer backings in the crypto space. Currently, they have more than 110 influencers backing them up. Most of them are mainly active on Twitter and Youtube. Youtube channels such as BitBoy Crypto and Altcoin Daily are among these influencers.

But what does VLaunch do? Well, VLaunch is one of the most sophisticated crypto projects right now. They have one main goal: changing the way how crypto launchpads function. Currently, launchpads have several serious issues. 

The first issue with launchpads is the level of centralization. Being centralized allows certain people to benefit from each launchpad. This makes what is believed to be a fair process unfair. 

The second issue is the blockchain limitations. Most launchpads are not cross-chain compatible and this limits the projects that use those launchpads. 

The third issue is the high cost of listing. Understanding that new projects have limited funding, a high cost for listing their project in a launchpad is often unbearable.

VLaunch Features

VLaunch promises to fix all of these issues through its technology. When it comes to the level of decentralization, we must accept that VLaunch is not fully decentralized. Nevertheless, they are working towards launching their decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This would make them fully decentralized and fully controlled by the community. Decentralization would promote fair distribution and listing. 

The main thing that makes VLaunch a project with huge potential is that it is the first-of-its-kind launchpad that supports several blockchains. At the time of writing, VLaunch supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon Network, and Fantom. They are working towards implementing Cardano and Solana as well.

Lastly, VLaunch does not take payments for listing. This is because they do not charge for listing a project. This makes it the perfect launchpad for new projects. Through these and many more features, VLaunch has the potential to truly revolutionize the market.

VPAD Token

VPAD is the main token of VLaunch. Although the VLaunch launchpad is cross-chain compatible, the VPAD token operates on the Ethereum network, making it an ERC-20 token. In essence, VPAD is a utility token but also has governance token traits. The team of VLaunch calls VPAD the ‘lifeblood of the launchpad’. As for the tokenomics of VPAD, we can safely say that they have thought things through.

Total Supply 1,000,000,000 VPAD
Total VPAD Staked 23,774,000 VPAD
Team Token Allocation 140,000,000 VPAD (14%)

To be able to participate in launchpads, users should buy and stake VPAD. Around 180,000,000 VPAD, or 18% of the total supply, will be given out as rewards. So, staking your VPAD might be a clever thing to do.

VLaunch (VPAD) Price Analysis

VPAD officially joined the market on the 22nd of December 2021. According to DexTools, VPAD joined the market with a price of $0.08. VPAS skyrocketed immediately after its debut, reaching a price of $0.82 as a result. On the 22nd of December 2021, VPAD surpassed the $1.00 milestone and hit a trading value of $1.17. This parabolic growth did not stop, and by the end of the day, VPAD was trading for $1.46. 

The next day, the price of VPAD dropped back under $1.00. As the day progressed, however, VPAD began another uptrend and hit a daily high of $1.27. On the 24th of December, VPAD began testing its support zone at $0.88. After managing to find support there once again, VPAD’s price began increasing slowly. This growth resulted in a new all-time high of $2.52 on the 27th of December.

After hitting such a price, VPAD lost a big portion of its value and was trading at $1.88 on the 28th of December. VPAD started the year 2022 with a price of $1.82 and is currently trading at $1.83. Additionally, VPAD has a trading volume of $7.65 million and a market capitalization of approx. $373 million. However, its fully diluted market cap is currently sitting at $1.86 billion.

Crypto Academy VLaunch (VPAD) Price Prediction 2022

We at Crypto Academy have kept a close eye on VLaunch even before their debut. From the day the team of VLaunch revealed their plans, we have been analyzing how they could put their words into action. Moreover, we have analyzed the market around crypto launchpads and the VLaunch market specifically. After hours of research, we have come up with our price prediction for VLaunch.

Month Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
January 2022 $1.95 $2.35 $3.30
February 2022 $2.80 $4.40 $5.10
March 2022 $4.40 $6.00 $6.20
April 2022 $7.10 $8.75 $10.00
May 2022 $10.40 $12.50 $13.10
June 2022 $11.20 $12.00 $12.75
July 2022 $8.10 $11.20 $13.20
August 2022 $6.40 $10.30 $14.50
September 2022 $7.10 $14.10 $15.40
October 2022 $9.50 $15.45 $16.00
November 2022 $12.80 $18.05 $19.30
December 2022 $14.20 $20.00 $21.35


VLaunch (VPAD) Price Prediction January 2022: The month of January will technically be the first full month that VLaunch will have in the market. Since extreme fear has is dominating the market in the first week of January, this month might not be as bullish as expected. If the market gets bearish, VPAD could end January with a trading value of $1.95. However, the cryptocurrency market is known for being unexpected. That being said, VPAD might end the month of January 2022 with an average price of $2.35 and a maximum price of $3.30.

VLaunch (VPAD) Price Forecast February 2022: February 2022 might be better, though. By the time February comes around, the cryptocurrency market could stop its downtrend and begin preparing for an uptrend. In 2021, February was quite fruitful for the market. Although it is not certain whether the market will follow the same pattern this year, our forecast shows that VLaunch might head its own way. This is because VLaunch is still a low-cap token and does not need huge investments to experience price movements. VPAD could end the year with a price between $2.80-$5.10.

VLaunch (VPAD) Price Prediction March 2022: As for March, the market is known to become slightly bullish each time March rolls around. Understanding the pace of the adoption the market has been getting and the hype of releasing new projects, we believe that March could be the beginning of an unstoppable uptrend for VLaunch. The lowest price that VPAD could be trading by the end of March might be $4.40. Our prediction shows VPAD ending the month with a potential price between $6.00-$6.20.

VLaunch (VPAD) Price Forecast April 2022: The beginning of the 2nd quarter is often characterized by parabolic growth when it comes to the cryptocurrency market. This year could be different for the general market, however, our forecast shows VLaunch reaching hew heights in April 2022. We expect VPAD to be trading between $7.10-$8.45 by the end of April. Nevertheless, if the market gets as bullish as it got last year, VPAD might reach a trading value of $10.00 by the end of the month.

VLaunch (VPAD) Price Prediction May 2022: Following April, May could also be huge for VLaunch. Again, the 2nd quarter of 2022 could be very bullish for the market. Understanding that the dominance of Bitcoin is currently above 40%, we should note that as Bitcoin moves, the market follows. However, though, we often have altcoin seasons that defy this belief. Therefore, VLaunch could easily reach a trading value of $12.50 sometime in May 2022. In a worst-case scenario, however, VLaunch could end the month with a monthly high of around $10.00.

VLaunch (VPAD) Price Forecast June 2022: June is often characterized by dips in the market. This is because whenever a market is pumped, it will most probably experience a dump. People will take profits at some point. When it comes to VLaunch, June might not be a bad month, but that does not necessarily mean that it will be a good month. On a high note, VLaunch is expected to reach a trading value between $12.00-$12.75 sometime during June. If things turn bearish, however, VPAD could trade at a price of $11.20 per token. 

VLaunch (VPAD) Price Prediction July 2022: July is the beginning of the 3rd quarter of the year. Last year, the market got bearish during this exact period of the year. However, in 2020, the market got quite bullish during the 3rd quarter of the year. Therefore, the market might not follow the same pattern as it did in 2021. Our prediction shows VLaunch trading between $8.10-$11.20 during July 2022. We believe that this token has the potential to go as high as $13.20 during this month. 

VLaunch (VPAD) Price Forecast August 2022: As for August, the market might drop even lower. Our forecast shows VPAD hitting a monthly low of $6.40 during August 2022. The adoption that began in 2021 is likely to continue during 2022 as well. This will most certainly affect the way the market moves. VLaunch has a solid project and a strong team behind it. Having such strong foundations will of course have its benefits. VLaunch could end the month with a price between $10.30-$14.50 despite the way the market moves.

VLaunch (VPAD) Price Prediction September 2022: The market could use the month of September to recover and get back on its feet. This month might be the beginning of yet another altcoin season. Our prediction shows VLaunch trading at a minimum price of $7.10 and a maximum price of $15.40 during September. These prices indicate that the market of VLaunch could be more volatile than usual. That being said, VPAD could end the month trading at $14.10 per token.

VLaunch (VPAD) Price Forecast October 2022: As the last quarter of the year begins, the market tends to get more bullish. Our forecast shows VLaunch beginning its last uptrend of 2022 in October. That being said, VPAD is likely to reach a monthly high of $16.00. Yet, if VLaunch fails to deliver what it has promised to its users and the crypto space, it might fail to begin such an uptrend. This could leave them with a price as low as $9.50.

VLaunch (VPAD) Price Prediction November 2022: As stated before, the cryptocurrency market usually gets bullish as we move towards the end of the year. When it comes to VLaunch, whether they continue their bull run depends on several factors. The main factor other than the performance of Bitcoin is the efficiency of VLaunch in successfully helping new tokens in their launchpad. The performance of their token is closely linked to their services. That being said, VPAD could end the month of November with a low of $12.80 and a high of $19.30. 

VLaunch (VPAD) Price Prediction December 2022:  VLaunch is the first-of-its-kind launchpad. This means that they currently have no real competitors. If they keep promoting their platform and constantly get new tokens to join their launchpad, VPAD is likely to grow in price. There exists the possibility of VPAD ending the year 2022 with a price of $14.20. Nevertheless, our prediction for 2022 shows VPAD trading with a price between $20.00-$21.35.

VLaunch (VPAD) Price Prediction 2022 Q1

The 1st quarter is not the most bullish period of the year. However, though, this does not mean that the first quarter of 2022 will not be bullish for the cryptocurrency market. The NFT market is already entering its next bull run and the same could happen to the cryptocurrency market real soon. 

The year 2021 was crazy for the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin broke its own all-time high two times; memecoins such as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and SafeMoon created millionaires overnight; and NFTs got huge amounts of attention. Following such a crazy year, the market might need some rest. However, VLaunch might not follow the market that much since it is a very low-cap token. By the end of the first quarter of 2022, VLaunch could reach a trading value between $4.40-$6.20. 

VLaunch (VPAD) Price Prediction 2022 Q2

The 2nd quarter of 2022 could be very bullish. Until now, the chart of the whole cryptocurrency market capitalization shows the same patterns as the same chart in 2021. If the market performs similarly to how it did in 2021, we could experience an extremely bullish market during the April-May-June period. 

During this time, Bitcoin might reach new heights… and we know that when Bitcoin moves, everything moves. This could have a huge impact on the price of VLaunch. During the 2nd quarter of 2022, VLaunch could reach a new all-time high between $11.20-$13.10.

VLaunch (VPAD) Price Prediction 2022 Q3

Then comes the 3rd quarter of 2022. The 3rd quarter of 2021 is known for a huge market correction that left Bitcoin sitting at a price below $25,000. When it comes to VLaunch, this quarter of the year could be just as bad. VLaunch is a crypto project that serves as a launchpad. 

When the market is bearish, way fewer tokens join the market; and fewer tokens joining the market would mean less potential traffic for VLaunch. This could also affect the price of VPAD. Worst-case scenario, VLaunch may hit a quarterly low of $6.40-$7.10 during this time. On a bullish note, however, VPAD may be trading at $14.10-$15.40 by the end of September 2022.

VLaunch (VPAD) Price Prediction 2022 Q4

Each year, the 4th quarter is considered the most bullish quarter of the year. This could also happen during 2022. Until just recently, the cryptocurrency was not really acknowledged by governments and corporations as credible. However, everything changed in 2021. Countries such as El Salvador began using Bitcoin as a legal tender; Nike and Adidas joined the Metaverse; Facebook rebranded to Meta; celebrities and influencers joined the crypto community more than ever. All these events increased the credibility and stability of the market. 

This means that it is highly unlikely that the market will fall as down as it was before 2021. That being said, VPAD might end the year trading at a price of $13.30-$14.20 if the market is bearish. If the market is bullish, however, VLaunch could surpass the $20 milestone and hit a trading value of $21.35.

Crypto Academy VLaunch (VPAD) Price Prediction 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026

VLaunch (VPAD) Price Prediction 2023

When it comes to the long term, VLaunch could break all kinds of records. Currently, VPAD has a very low market capitalization. Considering how sophisticated their project is, VLaunch has the potential to skyrocket in the future.

The year 2023 could be less bullish for VPAD, however. Our forecast shows VPAD reaching a trading value of $22-$24 by the end of 2023. However, the price of VLaunch could go as high as $26.

VLaunch (VPAD) Price Prediction 2024

The year 2024 is special for the whole cryptocurrency market, not just for VLaunch. In 2023, the Bitcoin halving event is going to happen once again. The Bitcoin halving event happens every four years and often initiates a bull market. This is likely to happen in 2024 as well.

This and the progression that VLaunch could make until 2024 make up the perfect combo for bullish performance. By the end of 2024, VPAD could reach a trading value of $28-$30.

VLaunch (VPAD) Price Prediction 2025

In 2025, VLaunch is likely to follow the path that it began in 2024… the bullish path. However, though, there is one issue when it comes to VLaunch’s price. VLaunch has a maximum supply of 1 billion VPAD. Until today, a very small portion (~25%) of the supply is in circulation. The rest of the tokens are going to be distributed through staking programs, giveaways, and rewards.

Until 2025, the circulating supply could be x2 or even x3. This would slow down the price growth of the token. By the end of 2025, VPAD could be trading at a maximum of $35-$40. If the project begins implementing manual burns, however, its price could go as high as $45.

VLaunch (VPAD) Price Prediction 2026

The year 2026 might be just as good for VLaunch. However, though, the cryptocurrency market is very volatile and you should always invest after doing your own research. Until 2026, things could change drastically. Mass adoption has already started and millions of new people are expected to join until 2026.

When it comes to VLaunch, the main issue will be the supply, once again. Having such a high supply has a great impact on the price of VPAD. However, though, even with such maximum supply VLaunch could end the year 2026 with a trading value of $40. If the supply is somehow lowered, it is possible for VPAD to hit $50.

VLaunch (VPAD) Price Prediction 2022 and Beyond - Can VPAD Eventually Reach $50?

VLaunch (VPAD) Price Prediction 2023-2026.

VLaunch (VPAD) Market Price Prediction


CoinDataFlow is an algorithm-based website that covers different cryptocurrencies. Usually, CoinDataFlow compares the growth of Bitcoin with the potential growth of different cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has grown extremely during the past decade, however, because of its huge market capitalization, Bitcoin is unable to x10 in a year for example.

Yet, cryptocurrencies and tokens such as VLaunch can easily x10 or even x100. According to CoinDataFlow, if VPAD has only 50% of Bitcoin’s previous growth, it could hit $49-$50 by the end of 2026. Considering how much money is flowing in the cryptocurrency market, this seems like a reachable target for VLaunch.

VLaunch (VPAD) Price Prediction 2022 and Beyond - Can VPAD Eventually Reach $50?

Coin Data Flow VLaunch Price Prediction 2023-2026. Source: Coin Data Flow

Price Prediction

Price Prediction is another website that publishes price predictions for different cryptocurrencies. They use technical analysis and algorithms to come up with their forecasts. When it comes to their prediction for VLaunch, they show this token ending the year 2024 with a potential price of $6.83.

When it comes to the long term, they show VLaunch reaching a trading value between $17.86-$22.36 by the end of 2027. Moreover, they believe that VLaunch could continue to grow even more. According to their data, VLaunch could hit a trading value of $91.40 by 2031.

VLaunch (VPAD) Price Prediction 2022 and Beyond - Can VPAD Eventually Reach $50?

Price Prediction VLaunch Price Prediction 2023-2026. Source: Price Prediction

How to Buy VLaunch (VPAD)?

Buying VLaunch can be done from several platforms. Currently, you can buy VPAD from both centralized and decentralized exchanges. However, we recommend you use Bittrex or ByBit for buying VLaunch (VPAD).

Step 1: Create an Exchange Account

Creating an exchange account in Bittrex is easy. All you need is an email account and some other basic information. You will need to also set a password of course.

VLaunch (VPAD) Price Prediction 2022 and Beyond - Can VPAD Eventually Reach $50?

Creating a Bittrex Account. Source: Bittrex

Step 2: Fund Your Account

Funding your account is even easier. Different exchanges offer different payment methods such as bank transfers, Paypal, or debit/credit card transactions. However, when it comes to Bittrex, you can only fund your account using a debit or credit card. We suggest you buy USD Tether (USDT) or any other stablecoin first since you cannot directly buy VPAD.

VLaunch (VPAD) Price Prediction 2022 and Beyond - Can VPAD Eventually Reach $50?

Funding Your Bittrex Account. Source: Bittrex

Step 3: Buy VPAD

Now that you are done with setting up everything, all that is left to do is buy VPAD. To do this, simply go to “Markets”, search for a VPAD market pair, and select the one that fits you. Currently, the USDT/VPAD market pair offers the most liquidity. After finding your preferred market pair, simply enter the amount of VPAD your want to buy and click on “Buy”.

VLaunch (VPAD) Price Prediction 2022 and Beyond - Can VPAD Eventually Reach $50?

Buying VPAD Using USDT in Bittrex. Source: Bittrex

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is VLaunch (VPAD)?

VLaunch is a cross-chain/multichain launchpad. There are hundreds of different launchpads in the crypto market, however, there has never been a multichain launchpad. This makes VLaunch the first of its kind launchpad. Currently, you can use their launchpad for tokens on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Fantom, and Polygon.

How can I buy VPAD?

You can buy VPAD using ByBit, Bitmart, Uniswap, Bittrex, Phemex, ZT Exchange, and BKEX. Buying VPAD through a centralized exchange can be done through 3 simple steps: create an account, deposit funds in that account, and buy VPAD.

Is VLaunch (VPAD) a good investment?

Yes. VLaunch launched just recently and has a long way to go before reaching its true potential. Moreover, VPAD is a low cap token. Being a low cap token that just launched and has a very solid project makes VLaunch a good investment. Of course, you should always do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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  • The cryptocurrency market is all about the community. Although numerous elements make up this market, the community is one of the most important ones.
  • One way of building the founding pillars for a cryptocurrency project is by forming a strong community before the launch of the project.
  • One of the tokens that did such a thing is VLaunch, a cryptocurrency project that gained more than 100k followers on Twitter way before its launch.
  • VLaunch focuses on helping other upcoming cryptocurrencies and tokens through their multichain launchpad.
  • At the time of writing, VLaunch is the only functional multichain launchpad in the market. This also makes it the first of its kind project.
  • By the end of 2022, VLaunch could grow hugely. This could leave their token with a price of $20.
  • By the end of 2026, VPAD might reach a trading value of $50. All in all, VLaunch is considered to be a good investment.