Twitter Adds Live Data Feature when You Search for Cash Tags

Twitter adds a new feature, where you can search for a cash tag, which will then provide you with real-time data about the price of the asset.

The newest feature from Twitter showcases that Twitter is constantly working on crypto adoption. 

This recent feature, plugged in via TradingView, shows live data on the prices of various cryptocurrencies and stocks. Besides that, the search also provides a link to the Robinhood trading app, where you can access trading the searched asset.

To test this new feature, simply search for the cash tag, such as $BTC. The result will provide you with the live price of Bitcoin (BTC). It also works with various other cryptocurrencies and stocks.

Twitter is continuously working on adding more crypto-friendly features. Ever since Elon Musk took over the social media platform, the latter received major changes. Some are quite happy with the way Twitter’s nature as of the acquisition. Others, however, prefer the previous management of Jack Dorsey.

Recently, Elon Musk launched a poll, which asked Twitter users whether he should step down as the CEO. The results showed that 57.5% out of the 17.5 million voted that he should steps down. Musk confirmed that he will do exactly what the poll suggests once he finds a suitable candidate for the CEO position.