“Elon is the Singular Solution” Says Jack Dorsey Following Musk’s Twitter Takeover

Following the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk, announced on April 25, Jack Dorsey, founder and former CEO of Twitter tweeted that the company is not supposed to have an overlord, but if it has to have one, Elon Musk is definitely suited for the job. 

Dorsey tweeted about the social media company’s anticipated ownership transition, in which he said “Elon is the singular solution I trust.” Musk succeeded on Monday in his offer to take Twitter private for $54.20 per share, a bid which initially the board of directors was reluctant to accept.

Dorsey, among the most prominent so-called Bitcoin (BTC) maximalists, began his comments with a proclamation in favor of decentralization, by deliberating that “in principle, I don’t believe anyone should own or run Twitter. It wants to be a public good at a protocol level, not a company. Solving for the problem of it being a company however,” would mean Elon Musk being the Twitter overlord. He went on to say “taking it back from Wall Street is the correct first step.”

Dorsey’s remark comes after a day of Twitterverse agony over the repercussions of a wealthy, loud billionaire taking control of Twitter. This real discussion could have ramifications for cryptocurrencies, as Elon Musk has made his preference for Dogecoin (DOGE) payments well-known. Musk has promised that free speech on Twitter would take precedence, an open message lauded by Dorsey.

In the thread, Dorsey additionally tweeted that “Elon’s goal of creating a platform that is ‘maximally trusted and broadly inclusive’ is the right one. This is also @paraga’s goal, and why I chose him. Thank you both for getting the company out of an impossible situation. This is the right path…I believe it with all my heart.”