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Redacted Cartel Price Prediction 2022 and Beyond – Can BTRFLY Reach $10,000?

Redacted Cartel Price Prediction 2022 and Beyond - Can BTRFLY Reach $10,000?

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Redacted Cartel is a subDAO contemporary to OlympusDAO. It is an idea to use the POL mechanics of OlympusDAO to acquire the maximum possible liquidity possible with the help of the Curve ecosystem. This can lead to the supremacy of the choice of the majority over the Curve gauge. 

It intends to broaden the productive and long-lasting impact of OlympusDAO’s to a more extensive DeFi ecosystem without making OlympusDAO float away from its primary values. It also wants to impact this by launching the ‘BTRFLY’ token.

While dealing with the Redacted Cartel, a person having a token for a curve ecosystem will unite their tokens through ‘metamorphosis’ to achieve an equivalent amount of $BTRFLY with a discount. 

They deduct the token supply from the secondary market by locking the curve ecosystem tokens to the Redacted Cartel treasury. To aggregate yield strategies, the tokens will be further used to enhance the innate price of the BTRFLY token and the token of the curve ecosystem and accumulate the treasury.

Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Fundamental analysis

The Redacted Cartel’s community has a right to contribute to the growth of Redacted Carrel by their numerous workstreams. They adapt according to their needs. The meta governance token $BTRFLY has the support of bonded assets. The token and community-generated techniques bestow a standard yield to the token holders. It also gives the holders the role in governance while maintaining the liquidity of assets. The BTRFLY price pursues the belief of a Dutch Auction as the lack of demand of BTRFLY increases the discount. Similarly, the price of a token dramatically increases with the increased demand or purchase. Then it continues to decline until another buyer arises. This phenomenon is called Bond pricing.

The process of forming blooming BTRFLY tokens through the bonded tokens is called Metamorphosis. They shine bright in the eyes of investors due to their full potential with optimized yields. They follow the process same as Olympus bonds’ operation as users purchase BTRFLY at a discount on [REDACTED] Cartel. The Butterfly Effect comprises four steps. 

The first one is a metamorphosis to increase the number of bonded tokens in the treasury. Investors can get an amount of discounted $BTRFLY proportional to the bonded tokens. Then DAO uses these assets to produce profits. After that, the underlying value of the BTRFLY increases, leading to an increase in the treasury value. The good acknowledgment in the loop establishes a continual higher pressure on the structures and processes of the protocol. That is the way of enabling natural improvement of the treasury. This again causes Metamorphosis, and the cycle starts to continue again. 

The butterfly effect
The Butterfly Effect in Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY). Source: Redacted Cartel

Once you have purchased BTRFLY, you can stake the token for getting rewards in the form of xBTRFLY. These rewards frequently changed relative to market dynamics being a function of the current established rebase index. The BTRFLY tokens are locked at staking, issuing an equivalent amount of xBTRFLY to the staker. 

The balance updates are based on the gained rewards and earnings. They are transferable or exchangeable with other DeFi protocols. Suppose the user unstakes the tokens, all the amount of xBTRFLY burns to provide users with an equivalent amount of BTRFLY. The staker cannot reacquire the staking reward after unstacking.


The developers have planned four basic operations in four phases of this ecosystem development. Their rollout has a ‘Swallowtail’ operation in phase 1. In this phase, they are going to follow parameters similar to a dutch auction for uniting the emerging assets to the treasury for a period of two days for proliferation. This happens to stimulate the launch of a Predetermined parameter with a focus on the core stocked assets for bootstrapping the treasury. 

In the second phase, their major operation was ‘Red Admiral’. This is marked by the launch of a $BTRFLY token for the DAO-governed public with no permission needed. It has an emphasis on again buying your whole LP position on Sushiswap. Some other developments will also come soon in the Red Admiral phase that is left unrevealed yet. 

The next phase is the ‘Holly Blue’ operation that will deal with the evolution of LP position into range Uni V3 position and spreading out from the Curve wars into something that is kept confidential yet. Till then, they expect the investors to enjoy the Holy Blue phase.

The last phase deals with the ‘Orange Tip’ dealing with the movement of the codebase to an Olympus V2 model. Also, all the off-chain decision-making will move to the on-chain governance. The unrevealed features of this phase will be coming soon till you enjoy the remaining features of Orange Tip.


Tokenomics of Redacted Cartel is quite similar to OlympusDAO and other rebase tokenomics. Staking the $BTRFLY tokens provides you with $xBTRFLY. Every epoch, rebase rewards will be allocated to the stakers. [REDACTED] Cartel concentrates on the Curve ecosystem. The DAO is looking forward to enhancing more strategic risk assets, just like FXS, TOKE, and others. 

The meta governance token $BTRFLY has the support of 1/30,000 gOHM (nearly $1). They mint off each of the tokens. To get $BTRFLY, you have to buy bonds on Redacted Cartel. Users can blend their yields by the employed rebase by staking the tokens in the protocol.

Their pBTRFLY model works on the basis of vesting structure based on the OlympusDAO’s pOHM supply. pBTRFLY token is awarded to fundamental benefactors or supporters of the Butterfly ecosystem. No early mining of BTRFLY has taken place, enabling the founding team and contributors of the habitat to obtain BTRFLY with a discount at its price.

Redacted Cartel tokenomics
Tockenomics of pBTRFLY. Source: Redacted Cartel

Another derivative of the $BTRFLY token is $xBTRFLY. Staking on the protocol is a way to get this token. It also works as the governance token to the protocol and lets the holders poll on protocol transformations and recommendations. $xBTRFLY also acts as a receipt of staking $BTRFLY to receive the rebase reward. The investor can unstake it at any time.

You do not have to pay any fees for the protocol; instead, the protocol yields income from the BTRFLY tokens by selling them. The price of each BTRFLY for the protocol is 1/30,000 gOHM. This value defines the minimum value of protocol. If the price of the token decreases from this optimum value, the protocol will reduce its supply by buying the token bringing it back to 1/30,000 gOHM. If the price of a token increases from this value, the protocol gets revenue equal to the difference between the original minting cost of BTRFLY and its purchase price.

Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price analysis

BTRFLY was first out for trading on the 19th of December, 2021, and within one month of its launch, its price reached an all-time high of $3,730. At the time of writing, the price of BTRFLY is around $2,120. It has a total supply of 105,051. Its market capitalization is more than $0.222 billion and has a trading volume of 22.5 million at the time of writing. With its no protocol fees and democratic governance policies, the price trends are bullish and may long last.

$ 0.00000000000000
Price (BTC)
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
24h Change
Total Supply

Crypto Academy Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price Prediction 2022

Months. Minimum Price. Average Price. Maximum Price.
January 2022 $2700 $2820 $3000
February 2022 $2830 $2900 $3100
March 2022 $2990 $3080 $3160
April 2022 $3100 $3170 $3240
May 2022 $3220 $3250 $3270
June 2022 $3270 $3299 $3360
July 2022 $3300 $3370 $3390
August 2022 $3390 $3400 $3450
September 2022 $3412 $3480 $3500
October 2022 $3500 $3550 $3560
November 2022 $3558 $3580 $3645
December 2022 $3600 $3650 $3700

Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price Prediction January 2022: The minimum LOOKS price can be around $2700 in January. The average trading price might be about $2820, and the maximum price is likely to reach approximately $3000. 

Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price Forecast February 2022: We predict the average price of $BTRFLY might be around $2900. The $BTRFLY price may reach a minimum of $2830 and a maximum of $3100.

Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price Prediction March 2022: We predict the $BTRFLY price to reach as high as $3160 in March of 2022 and as low as $2990. The average $BTRFLY price in March could be around $3080. 

Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price Forecast April 2022: In April of 2022, the $BTRFLY price can seemingly reach a maximum of $3240, while the minimum price might be around $3100. As for the average price, $BTRFLY could be about $3170.

Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price Prediction May 2022: In May of 2022, $BTRFLY may reach a maximum of $3270, and $3250 could be the average price, where a minimum of $3220. 

Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price Forecast June 2022: The $BTRFLY price could be at a maximum price of $3360 in June 2022. The minimum price might be about $3270, with an average cost of $3299.

Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price Prediction July 2022: There might be a maximum price in $BTRFLY in July to be $3390, while the average cost can be around $3370. The minimum price could be about $3300.

Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price Forecast August 2022: We forecast the $BTRFLY price to reach high around $3450 in August 2022. The minimum price could be around $3390. As for the average price, $BTRFLY might be trading at about $3400.

Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price Prediction September 2022: In September of 2022, $BTRFLY may continue to increase with the maximum price of $3500 in September of 2022, while the lowest price of the month might be around $3412. The average price of $BTRFLY in September of 2022 might be about $3480.

Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price Forecast October 2022: The $BTRFLY price could reach the lowest price of the month for $BTRFLY could be around $3500 and a maximum of $3560 in October 2022. This makes an average price of $3550 for October.

Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price Prediction November 2022: The minimum price might be around $3558, and the average price could be $3580. In November of 2022, the $BTRFLY price could reach a new all-time high, as the highest price could reach $3645.

Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price Prediction December 2022: At the end of the year, the $BTRFLY price may reach its highest point in December 2022, at around $3700 with an average price of about $3650. Even the lowest price of the year for $BTRFLY can be as high as $3600.

Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price Prediction 2022 Q1

The first quarter of 2022 may end with a maximum of as high as $3160 in March of 2022 but could be as low as $2990. It would be just an onset of Redacted Cartel price through its bonding with emerging assets and accumulation period similar to a dutch auction. Therefore, it may have a slow growth rate initially.

Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price Prediction 2022 Q2

The second quarter of 2022 may see a moderately elevated price rise as it would be trying to finalize the launch of its predetermined parameter. It could touch up to the maximum level of $3360  or a minimum of $3270 under very unlikely situations by the end of the second quarter.

Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price Prediction 2022 Q3

By enhancing the DAO governance with public feasibility and freedom, $BTRFLY may surge to a higher price due to improved popularity. It may end the third quarter with a high cost of Redacted Cartel up to $3500 or at a minimum price of $3412.

Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price Prediction 2022 Q4

The fourth quarters seem to end with an extraordinary bullish trend in Redacted Cartel’s price as it may be getting back its LP position on Sushiswap. At the end of the year, the minimum price for $BTRFLY can be as high as $3700, with an average of around $3650.

Redacted Cartel price prediction 2022
Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price Prediction 2022.

Crypto Academy Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price Prediction 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026

Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price Prediction 2023

If Redacted Cartel could implement the technical improvements to its protocol this year, 2023 would be a year of joy for its investors due to its popularity and price rise. They are deciding to build a customized and favorable ecosystem for $BTRFLY trading, with no trading fee. Therefore, the Redacted Cartel can hope for a drastic boost in its price. Its minimum price in 2023 might be at least $4,600. It can reach a maximum of $10,000 in 2023, with an average of $7,850 by the end of the year.

Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price Prediction 2024

In 2024, $BTRFLY could be reasonably stable due to the bitcoin halving set to occur in that year and as it would have transformed LP position into range Uni V3 position. As a result, we can expect an extremely bullish market trend once again. $BTRFLY could be touching a maximum of around $35,000, with an average of $22,000 or a minimum of $6,000 by the end of the year.

Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price Prediction 2025

If Redacted Cartel reaches these high prices with manual improvements and cooperations, the year will experience new popularity among investors. They might have migrated the codebase to an Olympus V2 model and established on-chain governance. So, the minimum price can be $20,000 or a maximum cost of $100,000 with an average of $74,500.

Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price Prediction 2026

In 2026, after many productive occasions and partnerships with many other trending markets, Redacted Cartel might achieve the highest price of $160,000 with an average of $130,000. Still, under very negative conditions, its price might be $80,000.

Redacted Cartel Price Prediction 2023-2026
Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price Prediction 2023-2026.

Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Market Price Prediction

Despite the newness of this project, crypto-related websites foresee that their price will bloom in the future. Here is what some of the experts say about the future price of $BTRFLY.

They predict the price of the Redacted Cartel to be at an average of $3,826 at the end of 2022, $5,505 in 2023, and in five years, it may touch a maximum possible level of $16,726.

Redacted Cartel Price prediction 2022-2031
Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price Prediction 2022-2031. Source:

Digital Coin Price

They say that the lowest price of Redacted Cartel will be $11,651.92 in the future, while the highest price can be up to $12,699.83. At the end of 2022, the price rise can be $3676.44, increasing 28.66%. So, the price of a Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) can approximately be up to $4,024.39 in 2023, which is a one-time high in one year. 

Redacted Cartel price prediction 2022-2029.
Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price Prediction 2022-2029. Source: Digital Coin Price says that the price of this asset was in an uptrend during the last year and has rising tendencies in the future. So BTRFLY is a good option for investment as it can have a surge of about 778% with a price of approximately $ 25177 in a year. So if you invest $100 right now, it may be worth $878 on the same day next year.

Tech News Leader

They predict the current price of BTRFLY, i.e., $2,857.59, to reach as high as $5,960.17 in a year. The Redacted Cartel may be worth equal to $18,458.70 in five years and about $123,028.43 in 10 years, according to Tech News Leader.

How to Buy Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY)?

Redacted Cartel can only be bought by exchanging with other cryptocurrencies on decentralized exchanges. For purchasing a Redacted Cartel, you will exchange it with Ethereum (ETH) easily in five steps, as mentioned below. 

Step 1: Create an Exchange Account

Make an account on an exchange platform such as Coinbase or to buy Ethereum first. We will go with Coinbase. Download the app and sign-up for it. It is necessary to add a valid ID and proof of address for transactions. Verification can take more or less some minutes, varying from place to place.

Step 2: Make a Coinbase Wallet

It would help if you have a self-custody wallet to shift and store your Redacted Cartel, so let’s make your wallet earlier. We will use Coinbase Wallet for this purpose. For arranging your wallet, you should choose a username for sending crypto from similar wallets through it. 

You will also receive 12 random words called recovery phrase for accessing your crypto. Please keep the username and recovery phrase secret and note them somewhere too. Coinbase would not ask for your recovery phrase, but you cannot access your wallet without it.

Step 3: Buy Ethereum

Go to Coinbase and click on the payment method box. Then choose a payment method, like bank accounts or debit cards. Then, click the front and backward arrows button. Select “Buy” from the options. After that, kindly search for Ethereum from the search bar and select it. A purchase screen will appear. Next, make a plan for Ethereum network fees and transaction fees. Prices change according to the busy timing of the network and the sophistication and speed of your transaction.

After that, write the amount of local currency you want to spend on Ethereum. The app will automatically convert the amount into an Ethereum amount. Press “Preview buy,” and your purchase details will appear. Confirm your purchase to buy Ethereum.

Step 4: Fund your Coinbase Wallet with ETH

If you are using Coinbase mobile app, sign in and tap on the icon with forwarding and backward arrows symbol, and send.  Select Ethereum and enter the amount for transfer, then tap Continue. Now, tap the QR code in the field and go to the Coinbase Wallet extension. Click on ‘Show Wallet address’ and scan the QR code from the app.

If you use the Coinbase Wallet extension, sign in to your account, click on ‘Show Wallet address’ to see and copy your wallet address. Then tap the ‘Send/ Receive’ button and select Ethereum, along with writing the amount you want to transfer. In the ‘To field’ area, paste your Wallet address. Click ‘Continue,’ confirm the transfer details, and click ‘Send now.’

Step 5: Buy Redacted Cartel

While using the mobile app, tap on the “Trade” tab to swap ETH for the Redacted Cartel that runs on the Ethereum standard (called “ERC-20 tokens”). Then, tap on the “choose coin” and select Redacted Cartel. Next, input the ETH amount to be exchanged with the Redacted Cartel. Leave enough money for the transaction fees before confirming your purchase.

While using the Coinbase Wallet extension, tap on the “Convert” button and search for Redacted Cartel. Input the amount of ETH you want to exchange for Redacted Cartel while considering leaving enough money for transaction fees. Confirm your purchase. Follow the instructions that will appear to finalize your transaction.

Frequently asked questions

Is Redacted Cartel a Good Investment?

We, along with several other experts and traders, think that Redacted Cartel would be an excellent investment for the long-term. Its value increases, and we expect it to yield a reasonable profit.

Will Redacted Cartel reach $10,000?

We expect the Redacted Cartel to grow in the next five years and even surpass $10,000 by the end of 2026 if it keeps struggling.

What will the Redacted Cartel be worth in 2030?

It is difficult to predict the price of an asset after eight years. Still, through historical data and price analysis, we can roughly assume the cost of a Redacted Cartel to be at an average of $50,000 and as low as $42,000. However, the maximum price can be $65,000.

Where to buy the Redacted Cartel?

You can buy Redacted Cartel on Uniswap (V3), Sushiswap,, and DODO (ERC-20).

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  • Redacted Cartel is a subDAO contemporary to OlympusDAO. 
  • Redacted Cartel is an idea to use the POL mechanics of OlympusDAO to acquire the maximum possible liquidity with the help of the Curve ecosystem. 
  • Tokenomics of Redacted Cartel is quite similar to OlympusDAO and other rebase tokenomics.
  • At the end of 2022, the maximum price for $BTRFLY can be $3700.
  • The average price at the end of 2022 could be around $3650.
  • It can reach a maximum of $4,900 in 2023.
  • For purchasing a Redacted Cartel, you will exchange it with Ethereum (ETH) easily in five steps.
  • It may surpass $10,000 by the end of 2026
  • The maximum price can be $65,000 in 2030.
  • You can buy Redacted Cartel on Uniswap (V3), Sushiswap,, and DODO (ERC-20).

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