Ukraine Pushing for Crypto Adoption

Recently, authorities in Ukraine met with international consultants in order to push crypto adoption in Ukraine.

Regulators in Ukraine are collaborating with international consultants to work on a crypto framework for Ukraine. Two of the consultants are Ernst&Young and USAID.

In a recent meeting by the Advisory Council, these experts explored the law “On virtual assets,” and talked about ways to adjust crypto adoption and regulation in Ukraine. 

This was confirmed by the National Tax Agency of Ukraine chair Ruslan Magomedov. He stated that Ukraine regulators are working on implementing the MiCA regulation in Ukraine.

Moreover, Ukrainian Parliament member Yaroslav Zheleznuak stated that these new approaches aim to make cryptocurrencies as safe as possible in Ukraine. Moreover, he noted that the intent is to sensibly regulate cryptocurrencies and not make the market stricter. 

Volodymyr Zelenskyy made the National Securities and Stock Market Commission of Ukraine the two key regulators of cryptocurrencies in the country. Zelensky previously noted how important cryptocurrencies are. Furthermore, a good chunk of donations that Ukraine received for the war against Russia was in cryptocurrencies. 

Lately, many have questioned some of the crypto donations, especially the ones from FTX. The claim is that some of these donations coming from the US were done to launder money. However, nothing is certain as of now.

In other news, some lawmakers in Ukraine have been pushing hard for Web 3.0 adoption. These lawmakers are also pushing for metaverse-based projects that could potentially help Ukraine for adopting digital assets.