ShibaZilla Coin (SHIBZ) Price Prediction 2022 and Beyond – Can ShibaZilla Potentially Reach $1?

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Cryptocurrencies being a relatively new technology and earning method, the fear of getting scammed or losing their wealth often worries investors. That is why they wish to choose other options over crypto. Indeed, cryptocurrency is a hazard of loss, just like any additional investment. However, by keeping an eye on shares, price charts and regularly forecasting and investing only in prospering currencies, you can minimize the threat to much extent. 

This article discusses information regarding the ShibaZilla coin project and its price prediction.

Fundamental Analysis of ShibaZilla Coin (SHIBZ)

ShibaZilla intends to head higher and beyond for the sake of its community by delivering 5% liquidity and 5% Reflection Rewards to investors. They have the biggest community in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). They believe in making a strong community as it is the best base for every cryptocurrency project. ShibaZilla has generated a revolutionized contract comprising improved rewarding features integrated into the one token as there are already too many tokens out there. Hence, there are no team tokens in ShibaZilla. They also aim to construct an optimistic society and ask any questions at their telegram.

ShibaZilla is a project driven by its community. No other cryptocurrency or token is more ambitious and bold than team ShibaZilla as there is no marketing wallet, making it 100% community-driven.

ShibaZilla is a combination of memes and the metaverse within the crypto space.

ShibaZilla also has a decentralized app starring gatherable NFT battle cards. Users can develop their different character or assemble a grand character army and exchange them in the trading area or send it to battle, respectively. By winning glory, the user can also become a samurai master.

Below are the details regarding the ShibaZilla Coin tokenomics:

ShibaZilla Coin tokenomics
ShibaZilla Coin (SHIBZ) Tokenomics. Source: ShibaZillaCoin


Phase 1

It is related to high auditing, live dashboard, thousand Telegram members, community growth, and getting launched on PancakeSwap.

Phase 2 

It aims at developing CG and CMC applications, 20 twitter influencers, marketing campaigns, voice chat AMAs, 1 million USD Market Cap, Poocoin ad, partnership, and voting site listings.

Phase 3

It is marked by getting listed on CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap, breaking 3 million USD market cap, advertising in the China market, additional and paid second contract audit, and Campaign.

Phase 4

It comprises NFT and Merchandise marketplace and games, 20 thousand holders, and a $10 million market cap.

Price Analysis of The ShibaZilla Coin (SHIBZ)

ShibaZilla coin was first traded on October 29, 2021. It has a total supply of 1 quadrillion. It is very safe & secure due to its fully locked liquidity and will be fully sealed as 5% of every purchase is dedicated to the liquidity.

It also gives a source of passive income with 5% Reflection Rewards distributed according to ShibaZilla shares on each transaction fee. As it is new, it can grow to its distinctive characteristics.

ShibaZilla’s price at the time of writing is $0.000000000405. The fully diluted market cap is about $0.4 million.

ShibaZilla (SHIBZ) Market Price Predictions

Wallet Investors

According to Wallet investors, the present data of ShibaZilla had shown the potential of its market environment to be in a bullish cycle in the last 12 months. Their cryptocurrency analysts suggest that there might be a downward trend in the future and might not be a good investment for earning money. However, they also predict that the price can recover after that and begin increasing.

Digital Coin Price

According to the Digital coin price, the ShibaZilla price can rise and is a profitable investment based on their forecasting. The cost of 1 ShibaZilla can go at least 2x from its current position in the near future, meaning that the price may increase by more than 100% soon.

ShibaZilla (SHIBZ) price prediction
ShibaZilla (SHIBZ) Price Prediction 2021-2028. Source: DigitalCoinPrice

Crypto Academy ShibaZilla Coin (SHIBZ) Price Prediction

Investors should only take price predictions as a recommendation from market experts and analysts of cryptocurrency that they predict by studying historical data of that asset, sometimes through artificial intelligence. The data considering predictions presented in this article is based on an encouraging belief for developing this cryptocurrency in the future if it begins rising. But if it stops growing (considering the risk factor) and if the price moves down in the coming days, these predictions can anytime be proved false. So if someone wants to invest in ShibaZilla, he/she should be patient for upcoming days and examine its price charts. If price volume is upward, investors should only take our predictions as an unsettled worth of their assets in the future. 

Cryptocurrency has a volatile price and relies on environmental and internal conditions, but we can assume a tentative cost to assist investors in making investments in that cryptocurrency. The purpose of prediction is to lower the risk factor but guarantees no assurance of advancement or loss in that currency. Nonetheless, we at Crypto Academy predict that the price of ShibaZilla can increase in the long run due to its current low market cap and its fundamentals.

The ShibaZilla coin (SHIBZ) price Prediction 2022

The price predicted for ShibaZilla in the next year, 2022, is in an uptrend if we keep in mind its bullish records from the very beginning. It is likely that ShibaZilla may begin again to grow with a high trend attaining nearly $0.00000000007 price mark in 2022 and would become a profitable purchase. 

The ShibaZilla Coin (SHIBZ) Price Prediction 2023

We can predict a high probability for the year 2022 to end and 2023 to start at a moderate price for ShibaZilla by analyzing and observing the short and long-term price trends of the coin. Even if ShibaZilla encounters a loss, its price may still hit a new high at $0.00000000008.

The ShibaZilla Coin (SHIBZ) Price Prediction 2024

As for 2024, SHIBZ has the potential to go as high as $0.00000000010 due to the promising projects as well as the BTC halving event. ShibaZilla also has a high potential to strengthen and increase every situation compared to other currencies.

The ShibaZilla Coin (SHIBZ) Price Prediction 2025

SHIBZ could go as high as $0.00000000012 by 2025. The market could remain in an uptrend if there are no crucial risk factors like a pandemic to disturb the equilibrium of world economies and as mass adoption has already started.

ShibaZilla Coin Price Prediction 2026

A wise investor should plan for prolonged wealth instead of short-term benefit, with a bit of tolerance and having highly encouraging hopes. By 2026, our prediction sees SHIBZ reach a price of around $0.0000000002.

How to Buy a ShibaZilla Coin?

Here are the steps you need to take to buy ShibaZilla (SHIBZ):

Step 1: Register on Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange

First, you will have to buy one of the major cryptocurrencies, such as Binance Coin (BNB). you can use Binance Exchange for this.

Step 2: Buy BNB with fiat money

After finishing the registration process of Binance Exchange, you will have to add a payment method. You can either choose a credit/debit card or through a bank transfer. In some countries, if you use cards for money transfers, you will have to pay high fees, but it will also provide you with an instant purchase. But if you choose a bank transfer, costs would be less but slower, depending on your residential country, because some countries still provide instant cash deposits with low prices.

Now you are ready to click the ‘Trade’ button at the start of the page, select BNB from that place, and verify your transaction. You have made your first crypto purchase.

Step 3: Transfer BNB to MetaMask.

Send your BNB to a MetaMask wallet. To do so, you first have to connect the MetaMask wallet with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). After that, you can easily transfer your BNB into your MetaMask wallet.

Once you do that, you can head to PancakeSwap and connect your MetaMask wallet.

Step 4: Buy SHIBZ

Once you connect your MetaMask Wallet with PancakeSwap, type the contract address of ShibaZilla Coin and enter the amount of BNB you are willing to trade. Then, all you have to do is press “SWAP.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to avoid errors during the purchase of ShibaZilla?

Users should always be careful not to buy any token with a fabricated contract different from the original one (as this can be faked). We strictly advise you to be attentive and stay watchful throughout the transaction. Also, be sure to have enough money or currency in your wallet to fulfill the transaction fees.

Will ShibaZilla ever reach $1?

It might reach $1 later, but it does not seem possible with the current market.

Will SHIBZ increase?

The price of SHIBZ is likely to increase in the coming years.

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  • ShibaZilla intends to head higher and beyond for the sake of its community by delivering 5% liquidity and 5% Reflection Rewards to investors.
  • They have the biggest community in the Binance smart chain space. 
  • ShibaZilla Coin has started gaining more attention recently.
  • It has a market cap of around $0.4 million.
  • The total supply of ShibaZilla Coin (SHIBZ) is 1 quadrillion SHIBZ tokens.
  • The price of SHIBZ is predicted to increase in the long run.
  • To buy SHIBZ, you need to use PancakeSwap.
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