Mirai Labs Gets Listed on WhiteBit Exchange

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Mirai Labs, the cryptocurrency ecosystem that aims to offer consumers a sustainable world 3.0 has just been listed on the WhiteBit cryptocurrency exchange platform. 

Mirai Labs took to Twitter to announce the long-awaited listing of its native token $MIRAI on WhiteBit. Investors and users of $MIRAI will be able to enjoy fee-free trading for one week. 

The Mirai token ($MIRAI), is the first DeFi token that is future-driven and has the social function of quickly and profitably achieving an eco-sustainable future.

$MIRAI runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and so far has more than 5000 users, with locked liquidity at $500,000, and a $14 million market cap. Until now, 300 billion tokens have been burned, 3 BNB donations have been carried out and 3 brands have been accelerated. 

SaveFuture Protocol and Save the Future eCommerce Acceleration Platform

Mirai Labs has developed two macro innovations, namely the SaveFuture Protocol and Save The Future eCommerce Acceleration Platform.

SaveFuture is the first-ever eco-cryptocurrency protocol with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and proprietary tokens that are designed to:

  • Users are automatically rewarded for their long-term participation as protocol members on the blockchain;
  • Finance well-known charitable operations that contribute to sustainable development;  
  • Directly finance eco-sustainable brands; 
  • Smart contracts will be used to automatically stimulate the purchase of eco-products while gamification and rewards can help to increase community engagement.

Save The Future eCommerce Acceleration Platform is built for web 3.0! and is powered by SaveFuture Protocol and operated by Mirai Labs. It is the newest way for users to acquire sustainable products and earn at the same time. 

The green eCommerce platform acts as a decentralized Ycombinator for sustainable brands while combining the best of PancakeSwap and Opensea. Through DeFi, this platform enables users to acquire sustainable products with cryptocurrencies and also remunerates user participation as well as eco acquisitions.

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