Is Farmer Doge a Good Investment? – Here’s What You Should Know About CROP

As the crypto market gets more intense, cryptocurrencies need to differentiate themselves in a rather competitive environment. Farmer Doge (CROP) has done just that. CROP is the first cryptocurrency to provide multi-currency rewards in its ecosystem. While this alone might sound exciting, Farmer Doge has a lot of other features that make it unique.

This article covers the essentials of Farmer Doge and what it brings to the market. Let’s begin with brief information about the project.

What is Farmer Doge (CROP)?

As suggested, Farmer Doge is the cryptocurrency in the market that provides rewards in a multi-dividend system in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This comes as a solution to the long-lasted problem that other cryptocurrencies had. 

Previously, users that farmed in other cryptocurrencies only earned a certain type of token. Moreover, when these users received those tokens and wanted to see the profits that they made, they essentially had to convert their tokens to BNB manually. Hence, this led to more selling pressure for that specific token, causing FUD and leading to a bearish nature of that cryptocurrency.

Here is where Farmer Doge comes in handy. They provide a system where you can farm other tokens while also collecting your rewards automatically. So besides the fact that you save yourself time, you also get rewards in the form of your favorite cryptocurrency. The best part of it all is that you do not negatively affect the trading chart of that token since you are already receiving it in the token that you want.

Besides this exciting feature that Farmer Doge has, it also offers a solution to food-wasting issues. With a mission to help resolve world hunger and diminish starvation in many countries, Farmer Doge has the perfect system to do so.

A big portion of the food cultivated by farmers does not end up in local markets because it is simply not as good-looking as people want it to be, consequently ending in waste. To solve this issue, Farmer Doge is continually collaborating with farmers and food banks by collecting this food and using it to feed the hungry. Also, it makes sure that small restaurants have enough food to prepare in times of shortages.


Farmer Doge has three main people that operate it. The CEO, who goes by the name of The Quest, has been involved with cryptocurrencies ever since the beginning of the market itself. Moreover, he worked in various crypto-related projects that could prove useful for further developing Farmer Doge.

Cpt Scruffbeard is the COO of Farmer Doge. Cpt previously dealt with successful crypto projects. He plays an integral part in helping Farmer Doge achieve its goals of tackling welfare issues in the world.

Last but not least, Sky is the CMO of Farmer Doge. He was previously involved in a Fintech company for around a decade. In addition, he worked with multiple crypto projects. This includes working for a centralized exchange (CEX) as a Business Development Manager.


The native token of Farmer Doge is CROP. Farmer Doge has a total supply of 10 billion CROP. 

  • 62% of the supply was allocated during presale;
  • 33% of the supply was for fair launch liquidity;
  • 5% goes to the developers.

Farmer Doge employs a 15% tax on all CROP transactions. Out of this 15%:

  • 10% are for rewarding the holders;
  • 3% goes marketing purposes
  • 2% goes for liquidity.


Farmer Doge has a roadmap of four main stages:

  • Planting Seeds: The first part of the roadmap involved building the Farmer Doge community, creating media, launching the website, and having at least 1,000 holders.
  • Watering the Crop: The second part of the roadmap entailed listings in both CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, FTX, complete audit, and further grow the CROP community.
  • First Signs of Fruit: The third part of the roadmap includes more CEX listings, more partnerships, Farmer Doge NFTs, CROP merch, etc.
  • Harvesting: The last stage of the current roadmap also involves more partnerships and CEX listings, Farmer Swap (DEX), more than 10,000 holders, etc.

Farmer Doge (CROP) Price Prediction

As seen in the roadmap, Farmer Doge has a lot of upcoming exciting features, including NFTs. The latter has been a main talking point in the crypto space for quite some time now. Therefore, Farmer Doge NFTs could easily increase the demand for CROP tokens. 

Other factors, such as the limited supply that Farmer Doge has, suggest that the price could keep increasing in the long run as the token’s utility is applied at a larger scale. Furthermore, with crypto mass adoption projected to be inevitable in the coming years, we could see projects like Farmer Doge grow exponentially due to the powerful mission that it has for improving people’s welfare.

Lastly, CROP is likely to become much more accessible once it is listed in major exchanges such as Coinbase or Binance. If that occurs, we could easily see a major surge in the price of CROP.

Due to all the fundamental factors in the price of Farmer Doge, CROP could eventually reach $0.10 for the first time in the coming years. Within a decade, CROP could be aiming for at least $1, meaning that CROP could reach a market cap of $10 billion before 2030.

Farmer Doge Price Prediction 2023-2026.

Farmer Doge (CROP) Price Prediction 2023-2026.

Conclusion: Is Farmer Doge (CROP) A Good Investment?

Considering the many benefits that this project brings to the market, Farmer Doge could be a very good investment. Furthermore, experts predict that the price of CROP can increase in the coming years due to the many price factors that Farmer Doge has. All in all, CROP is still relatively young in the market. It may only develop as its community continues to increase at large rates.


  • Farmer Doge is the first cryptocurrency to provide multi-currency rewards in the Binance Smart Chain.
  • It aims to solve world hunger by donating excess food to various organizations, shelters, local restaurants, etc.
  • Farmer Doge has a limited supply of 10 billion CROP, with a 15% tax on every CROP transaction.
  • Its roadmap consists of four phases. Upcoming stages include creating more partnerships, more CEX listings, NFTs, etc.
  • The price of Farmer Doge is predicted to increase in the coming years. It may reach $1 by the end of the decade.
  • Overall, Farmer Doge is considered a good investment due to its promising features.