Bitcoin Reaches $65,990 as it Approaches 66k All-Time High

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Bitcoin (BTC) is steadily moving towards everyone’s expectations – going off the charts!

Since the last few trading sessions, Bitcoin (BTC) price has been on a rampage. It has already surpassed $66,000 as a new all-time high. At the time of writing, the biggest cryptocurrency was trading for roughly $66,040.

Bitcoin (BTC) had reached an all-time high before, particularly in mid-April of 2021 where the price topped $64,900. Apart from Bitcoin (BTC), the market cap of cryptocurrencies has surpassed $2.7 trillion, notwithstanding the price surge of other cryptocurrencies as well. 

Ethereum (ETH) has also incurred a considerable surge by breaking $4,000, even though a price rise of this magnitude has happened before. 

The climbing of Bitcoin (BTC) is noted as a result of the recent ETF rollout in the US. The first Bitcoin (BTC) Futures ETF of ProShares launched yesterday, maintaining a first-day trade of a little below $1 billion. 

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