From Lunch Break Crypto Trading to Making 7 Figures – Here’s How a Nurse Became a Millionaire

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From a hospital unit manager and a pediatric nurse, Josh Dorgan quit his day job to become a full-time crypto trader as he realized the worth of diving into cryptocurrencies.

“These Out-of-Work Americans Tell Us Job Market Turmoil Is Anything But Transitory”, an article published on the 14th of October includes the details of how Josh Dorgan quit his job to trade cryptocurrencies. Dorgan revealed how his crypto trading began Bitcoin (BTC) in 2017 during his lunch breaks to Bloomberg Businessweek’s Katia Dmitrieva and Jill R Shah. 

Dorgan told Insider that he saw a news report that Bitcoin (BTC) had broken the $2,000 barrier and he realized that it was an eye-opening moment of becoming invested in cryptocurrencies as early on as he could after he did additional research on Bitcoin (BTC).  

However, the challenge came during the COVID-19 pandemic, since it was much more than a hands-on challenge for the medical staff and the time split between trading and working was quite hard for Dorgan. 

Dorgan revealed for Bloomberg that “it was really hard sitting in my office making a few hundred dollars a day or whatever it was and then taking a trade on my lunch break and making my whole day’s wage in five minutes.” After weighing the costs and benefits of quitting his job, In August of the previous year, Josh contracted a financial advisor to consult him on the amount of savings and whether those would be enough to sustain Josh if something were to go wrong. 

Josh is now working exclusively as a crypto trader and is overjoyed with his decision to pursue this instead. Apart from having invested in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC) he has also invested in traditional markets.

Even though he misses taking care of children at the hospital, Josh is now qualified to teach people and spread awareness on the workarounds of the market, which is still helping but in a different way. 

The new career path has certainly freed up time for other activities that Josh did not have time to do before. These activities include spending more time with his newborn baby at his vacation home, exercising, meditation, as well as different home projects. 

With a lot more free time and stimulus checks given by the government, retail traders like Dorgan have flocked into the market amid the COVID-19 pandemic and boy have they built a name for themselves.

Retail traders have driven up the price of GameStop, AMC, and other companies, spawning a new asset class known as meme stocks, and they have put their money into Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies

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