Conceal Hub – All in One App Will be Launched by Conceal Network

Conceal is a peer-to-peer digital cash system that is open-source and privacy-oriented. It’s entirely decentralized and untraceable, with no need for a central server or trusted third parties. Users control the keys to their own funds and transact with one another in a secured peer-to-peer network. Its key features include a decentralized banking system and quick, undetectable encrypted messages.

This initiative is community-driven, which means it does not have a steady, full-time crew and a physical headquarters from which to operate its operations. The benefit is that anyone can make changes or enhancements to the blockchain. If a majority of the community votes in favor of the recommendation, the alterations are adopted.

Conceal Hub

Conceal Hub is Conceal Network’s latest breakthrough advancement, providing an integrated approach that combines all endpoints of the Conceal Network ecosystem into a cohesive, intuitive UI application. Conceal Hub is a collection of several modules that operate together to enable Conceal Network’s secure DeFi and communication tools, including Cloud Wallets, Deposits, Clive, ID, Pay, Bridge, and Explorer.

This new interface for the Conceal Network ecosystem is also planned to provide further anonymity by utilizing an authentication key-based approach in future releases. This will allow users to create and retrieve wallets without requiring a user account and eliminates the need for account information such as an email address and a password. Instead, the program will store the authentication keys on the device. The program will be accessible to iOS, Android, OS X, Windows, and Linux users to download.

Conceal Hub - All in One App Will be Launched by Conceal Network

Conceal Features.

Main Features of Conceal Network

Conceal Network has the following main features:

Privacy Protection – completely anonymous payments by using ring signatures and one-time stealth addresses.
Untraceability – transactions cannot be linked between recipient and sender.
Decentralization – secure digital currency operated by a user network that requires no intermediary authority.
Fungibility – Conceal has built-in privacy features. In addition, the likelihood of a coin being blacklisted is virtually non-existent because all coins are changeable and equal.
Scalability – the blockchain of Conceal has a DBSM – Dynamic Block Size Mechanism that can increase with high use to support large amounts of transactions as their frequency increases.
Community Driven – Conceal has no one owner, and everyone can participate. The funding and development of Conceal are purely voluntary to provide total and complete privacy and liberty to users.
Protected PoW – the Proof of Work hash function is established for egalitarian CPU & GPU mining and ASIC Resistance.
Encrypted Messaging – P2P encrypted network, secure communications, and encrypted self-destructive messages ensure the complete confidentiality of communication.
Decentralized Deposits – Decentralized Compound Interest Deposits using Cold Staking with HTLC contracts paying up to a 6% interest rate.
Conceal Bridge – Cross-chain asset exchange/swap platform.
Conceal ID – Blockchain nicknames.
Conceal Pay – Instant anonymous payment system for merchants.
Conceal Live (Clive) – P2P & E2E audio and video calls.

$CCX, Conceal Network’s native coin is built on the Cryptonote protocol and runs on a secure peer-to-peer network technology that is decentralized.  The users have complete control of the private keys to their own funds.

$wCCX is Conceal’s wrapped token; it is available on the Ethereum Blockchain and Binance Smart Chain, as well as Polygon. $CCX is currently trading on BitMart, STEX, HotBit, and TradeOgre.

About Conceal Network

A discussion on the shortcomings of crypto projects that failed to achieve the intended egalitarian, decentralized, and confidentiality principles and has since developed into an enormous ground-breaking network known as Conceal. Conceal Network was formed on the following core principles: privacy, social inclusion, decentralization, and defiance of censorship.

Privacy: every person has the basic right to privacy and protection of their affairs and information against the scrutiny and exploitation of private and state entities. This fundamental law is protected by the Universal Convention of Human Rights and more than 150 domestic constitutions. As such, blockchain as a transparent and decentralized system that puts a premium on information protection and total transparency should radically protect this entitlement.

Social inclusion: people are subjected to segregation by the traditional finance sector more often than one would like to admit. Low-income individuals face discrimination by financial institutions the most. The difference that can come from blockchain technology can change the lives of those financially disadvantaged. With Conceal Network, people will conduct their banking transactions through the utilization of cryptography and distributed networks. Apart from lower transaction fees, the savings feature available on the Conceal Network will provide opportunities for improving financial struggles.

Decentralization: while people who live in Western developed countries may feel that they rightfully place their faith in the centralized system, the same cannot be said for people living in war zones and developing countries with resource scarcity. People living in such circumstances can bypass the risks associated with the collapse of a centralized financial sector either due to combat or other factors by having an independent and decentralized system that they can rely on.

Censorship resistance: constitutes the unbiased involvement in blockchain where all members and users, irrespective of their defining qualities, can make their own expenditures without being afraid of judgment, scrutiny, or seeking approval for said expenditures. This pillar is substantive due to the decentralized system providing a censorship-free space for conducting financial affairs, messaging, and exchanging, among other activities. Projects like Conceal Network are crucial in terms of circumventing present censorship efforts. Conceal Network empowers individuals to forge their own path by providing a private, decentralized, socially inclusive, and censorship-free environment in which all activities are free of control, judgment, violation, and bias. Without relying on a central authority, people can now produce and distribute money, communicate, and collect compound interest with complete privacy and anonymity.

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