Three of the Biggest BTC Whales Acquire More than 5,300 BTC

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The three largest Bitcoin (BTC) whales have bought the dip, per Bitcoin (BTC) wallets data on January 7. 

Colin Wu, the Chinese journalist who actively covers news related to crypto and Bitcoin (BTC) took to Twitter to reveal his discovery on the massive Bitcoin (BTC) acquisitions.

While the three whales bought the dip, one of them sold Bitcoin (BTC) in the amount that all the whales had purchased combined. 

Out of the top 50 Bitcoin (BTC) whales, three of them have acquired a total of 5,322 Bitcoin (BTC), per the BitinfoCharts cited by Colin Wu. Ranking 33rd on the list, one whale acquired 3,000 Bitcoin (BTC) while the 34th ranked whale added 1,455 Bitcoin (BTC) to their holdings. Another whale has also acquired 867 Bitcoin (BTC), making the total 5,322 Bitcoin (BTC), equivalent to $225,204,067 at the time of writing. 

Nonetheless, ranking 32nd on the top 50 whale list, this one liquidated Bitcoin (BTC) holdings for more than what the other three whales acquired combined. The whale liquidated 4,250 Bitcoin (BTC). It is not known whether the addresses belong to a cryptocurrency exchange according to Wu. 

On another note, Bitcoin (BTC) is currently trading at $42,308 as it incurred a 2.10% increase from $41,500. The biggest cryptocurrency sailed in difficult waters as many factors impacted the recent price volatility such as an interest rate spike announced by the Federal Reserve and the Kazakhstan riot internet blackouts. 

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