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How to Buy Surviving Soldiers (SSG) – A Step-by-Step Guide 

How to Buy Surviving Soldiers (SSG) - A Step-by-Step Guide 

Surviving Soldiers is a relatively distinctive yet entertaining means of cryptocurrency investment. It is an NFT blockchain-based game. Owing to its NFT and compelling gaming nature, it provides a form of entertainment and lets investors trade the game assets, i.e., characters, ammunition, and blood in the marketplace. The buying and selling of game assets are made possible through its native coin, SSG.

However, Surviving Soldiers is a newly developed ecosystem, hence little is known, and there is no direct and easy way to invest in it. 

Following are the three basic steps to buy SSG:

Step 1: Convert Fiat to Cryptocurrency

Since SSG is newly started, contrary to other cryptocurrencies, it is not purchasable directly with fiat money. Further, since it is based on Binance Smart Chain, convert your fiat money to cryptocurrency with Binance. For that, you would need to register on Binance.

Creating account in Binance
Creating Account in Binance. Source: Binance

After registration, you would need to verify your Binance account. Choose Identification from your profile icon, which will take you to the following verification page.

Verifying you account in Binance
Account Verification Process in Binance. Source: Binance

Once your account setup is done, you can convert your fiat money to a cryptocurrency. 

Go to Buy Crypto. It lists all the payment methods. Choose a payment method of your choice. 

Payment methods in Binance
Payment Methods in Binance. Source: Binance

After choosing your payment method, it will direct you to the following interface. 

Buying crypto in Binance
Buying Crypto in Binance. Source: Binance

From here, under the Spend section, select the currency of your choice for the transaction. Under the Receive section, choose one of the eminent cryptocurrencies. Here, BNB is recommended. 

Enter your amount to continue with the transaction. Further, you will be prompted to provide relevant information about your payment method. After successful payment credentials verification, your fiat money will be converted to the chosen cryptocurrency.

Step 2: Setup Crypto Wallet

Since PancakeSwap is built on Binance Smart Chain and offers seamless swaps between cryptocurrency assets. So, by using PancakeSwap, you can swap the acquired cryptocurrency. For that, you will first need to set up a crypto wallet. The most easy-to-use crypto wallet for PancakeSwap is MetaMask. Metamask offers a Google Chrome extension to make interactions with the exchange easy. 

Managing assets in Metamask
Managing Assets in Metamask

MetaMask is customized with Ethereum by default. Set it to the Binance Smart Chain network for PancakeSwap.

Once the crypto wallet is set up, transfer your acquired cryptocurrency from the Binance wallet to the Metamask wallet. Now, you will swap the cryptocurrency for SSG on PancakeSwap. 

Step 3: Swap cryptocurrency for SSG.

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange, thus requiring no registration and identification verification, providing fast and smooth exchange. To use PancakeSwap, go to its website.

Pancakeswap website
PancakeSwap Website. Source: Pancakeswap

Connect your Metamask wallet to the website. 

Connecting wallet to Pancakeswap
Connecting Wallet to Pancakeswap. Source: Pancakeswap

Under Swap, select the cryptocurrencies to swap. The first one is chosen as BNB by default. Select the second one to change it to SSG.

Selecting token
Selecting Token in PancakeSwap. Source: Pancakeswap

Since SSG is still new, you’ll have to add it using its contract code. To add it, click on Manage Tokens.

Selecting token in Pancakeswap
Selecting Token in PancakeSwap. Source: PancakeSwap

Go to the BscScan website and search Surviving Soldiers to get the contract code. 

Surviving Soldiers in BSC Scan
Surviving Soldiers Token. Source: BscScan.

Copy the contract code from the BscScan website and paste it into the code field at PancakeSwap. Import the SSG.

Selecting SSG in Pancakeswap
Selecting SSG in Pancakeswap. Source: Pancakeswap

After importing the SSG, you will have the cryptocurrencies ready to be exchanged. Enter the amount you want to exchange and select Connect Wallet.

Swapping tokens in Pancakeswap
Swapping BNB for SSG. Source: Pancakeswap

Since your Metamask wallet is connected, your SSG tokens will now be transferred to your Metamask wallet. 

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  • Surviving Soldier SSG is among the newest cryptocurrencies based on the Binance Smart Chain.
  • SSG is the native token of Surviving Soldiers.
  • To buy SSG, open an account on Binance to convert your fiat money to cryptocurrency, set up your crypto wallet with Metamask, transfer the acquired cryptocurrency from Binance wallet to Metamask wallet, connect the Metamask wallet to PancakeSwap and swap the cryptocurrency for SSG.
  • Always research before buying SSG regarding its game ranking, slippage, and risks.

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