SafeMoon Price Prediction 2030 – Will It Rise Even More?

We have covered SafeMoon numerous times in our articles, providing our readers with consistent and credible information. SafeMoon joined the market this year and has since broken many records. From its very first days in the market, SafeMoon was either considered the biggest scam or the cryptocurrency with the most potential; there was no in-between. As the token began to get attention from the mainstream media, people began to understand what really stands behind the project. 

SafeMoon has seen a crazy year, skyrocketing twice. SafeMoon entered the market with a trading value of $0.000000000545, and only in a matter of some weeks, SafeMoon’s price reached $0.000015 (+2,700,000%). Today, SafeMoon is trading at $0.0000014 per token and has a trading volume of $4 million.

But what will happen to SafeMoon in the future? Is it a worthy investment when we look at the long run? Will SafeMoon take over the market again?

SafeMoon Market Price Prediction 2030

WJS News

WJS News is a cryptocurrency website that posts news and predictions regarding different crypto projects. Lately, they have written an article about the future of SafeMoon and its price. In their article, they mention numerous factors that could affect the way the price of SafeMoon might react during the upcoming few years. They believe that SafeMoon is likely to constantly increase in price, giving it a potential price of $0.065 by the end of 2023 and a price of $0.68 by the end of 2030. Even though this may seem impossible at the moment, if SafeMoon successfully launched all of its planned products and proceeds with the manual burns, we might reach that price target even earlier.

The Global Coverage

Another cryptocurrency website known as The Global Coverage has made some recent predictions about the far future of SafeMoon. According to their prediction, SafeMoon is likely to reach the price of $1 by the end of 2030. Their forecast is based on the future plans of SafeMoon as well as the trends SafeMoon tends to follow. This prediction may look as optimistic at first, but when we consider all the factors, it is quite realistic.

Crypto Academy SafeMoon Price Prediction 2030

As for us at Crypto Academy, SafeMoon is likely to continue its uptrend in the upcoming years. Even though SafeMoon has been going down recently, our forecast shows that it might recover shortly after the second week of October and then skyrocket. When it comes to the long run, we predict that SafeMoon might hit a trading value between $0.81-$1.12 by the end of the decade – considering the supposedly low supply and high market capitalization.

SafeMoon Price Prediction 2030 - Will It Rise Even More?

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  • SafeMoon experienced a lot of hate during its first days in the market.
  • This token introduced the concept of reflections to the cryptocurrency industry.
  • Following the recent announcements for numerous upcoming products, SafeMoon is predicted to skyrocket.
  • As for the long run, we believe that SafeMoon has a lot in store for us, which is likely to hit a price between $0.81-$1.12 by 2030.
  • All in all, SafeMoon may prove as a very profitable investment to you just as it has been to numerous early investors.