El Salvador’s Bitcoin Profits Go to Animal Hospital

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Just recently, El Salvador embraced cryptocurrencies, becoming the first country to accept Bitcoin as legal tender. The president of the country used Twitter to give updates on the success of this situation, as they have gained a total of $4 million from the Bitcoin adoption.

The next plan for President Nayib Bukele is to use part of the $4 million BTC profit to build an animal hospital in San Salvador, the country’s capital. He clarified that the state will use USD from the Bitcoin trust for this reason, however, no Bitcoin will be sold.

The new animal hospital will consist of four emergency clinics, four operating rooms, 19 offices, and a center for rehabilitation, elaborated the president.

Apparently, they are not talking about a small hospital, as the goal is to create a place with the capacity of 64 surgeries, 128 emergencies, and about 400 daily appointments. To visualize the idea, Bukele also shared a mock-up of the hospital on Twitter. Finally, he added that they are excited to build an animal hospital for ‘our furry friends’.

Unfortunately, not everyone was as thrilled about it as the president, as the news caused negative reactions on Twitter. A number of Salvadorans would rather want the BTC profit to go elsewhere.

People seemed concerned about the poor condition of the existing hospitals and the urgent need for their improvement.

Norma De Serrano, one of the Twitter users, voiced their worries, suggesting that it would be better if the country’s crypto profits were used to improve the many broken medical facilities around the country.

There were yet others complaining that the country is only investing in the capital’s infrastructure, neglecting all the other places.

The announcement comes as the market value of BTC surpassed $1 trillion for the first time from May, with the prices going as high as $55,000 last week.

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