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Loomi Price Prediction 2022 and Beyond – Will LOOMI Reach $10?

A tech company called Creepz has the aim of offering endless inventions with time. Initially, the ecosystem is struggling to evolve as a well-known and popularly accepted system worldwide. To attain this position, they are creating a Membership Club for all of the loyal servants. The cold-blooded Creepz ecosystem is a play to earn cryptocurrency with Loomi as the in-game token. This token authorizes the players to enter the broader ecosystem.

The primary objective of this token is to deliver a proper method to declare rewards to participate in in-game art drops and other events. This characteristic avoids the prevalence of most of the gas costs like in other P2E games. Users can take their LOOMI out from their in-game wallet and shift them to another ERC-20 token. Loomi token is used in the game in order to promote to the following levels of the game character. Users will be able to buy the first three armories. However, the price of the tools increases significantly in the game afterward.

Loomi (LOOMI) Fundamental analysis

When users stake their Non-fungible token in the smart contract, they can gather a utility token called LOOMI. The only purpose of the LOOMI token is inside the Creepz ecosystem. The only way to get them is from Creepz Developers, and they do not deliver or are wishing to offer a secondary marketplace for it. So the multi-token DeFi collectibles can be a stake to yield LOOMI in the ecosystem and upgrade themselves by building their army to climb the ranks.

The Creepz P2E ecosystem helps the Overlord in invading and occupying the world and leveling up their inter-dimensional battleground by manually growing the army and building a pool of LOOMI. Still, the players have to avoid and save themselves from enemy lizard races, shapeshifters, and other challenges that will attempt to defeat you and conquer your empire.

The essential features that make them worthy of getting preferred are as follow:

It is a play-to-earn network that you can enjoy while playing and then earn from their achievements in the game. In the game, you can stake your loyalty to the OVERLORD to earn LOOMI. Secondly, they have several characters and mechanics in the game, so you can decide the way you want to play the game and your risks and rewards. Thirdly, LOOMI should be taken seriously as it is the utility token for the Creepz ecosystem. You can utilize LOOMI to buy characters and upgrades in the game for future and airdrops. Lastly, its million-dollar membership club aims to assemble Creepz into a widely accepted business, where its members lead activations and rewards and LOOMI holders according to their ranking.


Season one of their roadmap deals with January 2022, in which the overlord wants to launch invasion games for this season. Season two deals with the goal for the first quarter that is a top-secret regarding the unleashing of cross-Creepz breeding. The third season marks the first half of 2022, with the goal to launch Cyber Creepz at time squares. The fourth season also deals with the first half of 2022, and they want to launch the Space Creepz IRL space.


The platform calls its tokenomics ‘Lizardnomicz’ that says that 11,111 tokens are for genesis Creepz, 20,000 for reptile armory, and 9,781 for shapeshifters. Each Genesis Creepz gives a free 3D Creepz to the holder. About one million dollars are for a membership club to build the cold-blooded Creepz universal platform. About 197 owners own 11.1K items, and traded volume is 14.2 thousand tokens. There are 3800 actual owners as a result of invasion gameplay.

Loomi (LOOMI) Price analysis

Loomi (LOOMI) is a cryptocurrency that was first tradable on January 24, 2022. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain platform. The current total supply of the token is more than 12 million and has a trading volume of more than $10 million. The price of Loomi at the time of writing is $0.20 and is presently trading on two active markets. The market capitalization of LOOMI is about $2.6 million.

Crypto Academy Loomi (LOOMI) Price Prediction 2022

Months Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
January 2022 $0.35 $0.36 $0.38
February 2022 $0.38 $0.4 $0.42
March 2022 $0.4 $0.43 $0.44
April 2022 $0.44 $0.46 $0.048
May 2022 $0.48 $0.5 $0.54
June 2022 $0.58 $0.6 $0.62
July 2022 $0.64 $0.67 $0.69
August 2022 $0.7 $0.73 $0.75
September 2022 $0.75 $0.77 $0.79
October 2022 $0.83 $0.85 $0.87
November 2022 $0.9 $0.95 $0.98
December 2022 $1 $1.1 $1.3

Loomi (LOOMI) Price Prediction January 2022: The minimum price of Loomi might be $0.35 in January 2022 with the maximum price of around $0.38, or an average trading price of nearly $0.36.

Loomi (LOOMI) Price Forecast February 2022: We predict the minimum price of $0.38 for February 2022 or a maximum amount of Loomi to be around $0.42, with an average of $0.4.

Loomi (LOOMI) Price Prediction March 2022: For March 2022, we predict the lowest possible price of LOOMI to reach $0.4 or a maximum price as high as $0.44 with an average price of around $0.43.

Loomi (LOOMI) Price Forecast April 2022: We predict the minimum price of Loomi to be around $0.44 in April 2022, while the maximum price might be approximately $0.48, and an average price could be about $0.46.

Loomi (LOOMI) Price Prediction May 2022: LOOMI may reach the minimum value of $0.48 in May 2022 or a maximum of $0.54 with an average price of $0.5.

Loomi (LOOMI) Price Forecast June 2022: We predict the minimum value of LOOMI to be around $0.58 for June 2022, or the maximum price could be about $0.62, with an average of $0.6.

Loomi (LOOMI) Price Prediction July 2022: We predict the lowest possible price of $0.64 for July 2022, with a maximum price of $0.69 and an average price level of $0.67.

Loomi (LOOMI) Price Forecast August 2022: We forecast for August 2022 a minimum price level of LOOMI to be around $0.7, a maximum price level of $0.75 with an average of $0.73.

Loomi (LOOMI) Price Prediction September 2022: LOOMI might reach the minimum price of $0.75 in September 2022 and then rise to a maximum price of $0.79, with the average price of LOOMI to be about $0.77.

Loomi (LOOMI) Price Forecast October 2022: The lowest possible price of LOOMI may rise to a level of $0.83 in October 2022 and a maximum price of about $0.87 with an average price of $0.85 for the month.

Loomi (LOOMI) Price Prediction November 2022: We predict the minimum possible price of LOOMI to be $0.9 with an average trading price of $0.95 and a maximum price of 0.98

Loomi (LOOMI) Price Prediction December 2022: We predict the price of LOOMI might hit as low as $1 or as high as $1.3, with an average price of around $1.1 for December 2022.

Loomi (LOOMI) Price Prediction 2022 Q1

The first quarter of 2022 may end with the lowest possible price of LOOMI to reach $0.4 or a maximum price as high as $0.44 with an average price of around $0.43. It would be the start of Loomi’s price. This would be because of the launch of invasion games and cross-Creepz breeding in this period.

Loomi (LOOMI) Price Prediction 2022 Q2

The second quarter of 2022 may have a very high price rise due to the launch of the Cyber Creeps at time squares and the Space Creepz IRL space. The lowest price can be around $0.58 for June 2022, or the maximum price could be about $0.62, with an average of $0.6.

Loomi (LOOMI) Price Prediction 2022 Q3

LOOMI might reach the minimum price of $0.75 in the third quarter of 2022. It may rise to a very high price due to its earned prestige and may end with a rise to a maximum price of $0.79, with an average price of LOOMI to be about $0.77.

Loomi (LOOMI) Price Prediction 2022 Q4

It looks like the fourth quarter of 2022 might end with a fantastic bullish price trend in Loomi due to its progress in technology and efforts to get famous. At the end of the year, we predict that the price of LOOMI to be as low as $1 or as high as $1.3, with an average price of around $1.1 in December 2022. 

Loomi Price Prediction 2022
Loomi (LOOMI) Price Prediction 2022.

Crypto Academy Loomi (LOOMI) Price Prediction 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026

Loomi (LOOMI) Price Prediction 2023

If Loomi successfully performs the upgrades in its platform’s technology, the maximum price may be about $14 in 2023, with an average of $7 by the end of 2023. This year would be productive in the price for its investors, making its minimum price reasonable of $1.7.

Loomi (LOOMI) Price Prediction 2024

The official platform of Loomi has not given any long-term milestones in their roadmap, but we can expect a high price due to bitcoin halving set to occur in 2024. We can foretell an uptrend as LOOMI might touch a maximum of around $24, with an average of $20 or a minimum of $13 by 2024.

Loomi (LOOMI) Price Prediction 2025

If Loomi reaches its highest prices this year, it will gain enormous popularity among investors. A bullish trend can again appear with business partnerships leading to the minimum price of around $23 or a maximum cost of $32 with an average of $30.

Loomi (LOOMI) Price Prediction 2026

In 2026, Loomi may acquire a maximum price of $40 with an average of $35 under innumerable constructive possibilities and corporations with other markets. However, under unpredictable damaging conditions, its price may be only $32.

Loomi (LOOMI) Price Prediction 2023-2026.

Loomi (LOOMI) Market Price Prediction

Some famous crypto-related platforms have given the price predictions for this newly launched crypto asset as follows.

Digital Coin Price

They predict the lowest price of Loomi (LOOMI) up to $0.93 in the future and the highest price to be up to $1.04. They also predicted the price of a Loomi (LOOMI) in a year to be roughly up to $0.41, which is nearly two times more than its current price. Their five-year estimation for the price of Loomi (LOOMI) indicates a price of about $0.56 in the year 2027.

Loomi (LOOMI) Price Prediction 2022-2029. Source: Digital Coin Price

They predicted the average price of Loomi (LOOMI) to go as high as $0.37 by the end of 2022. Their estimation for the five-year plan indicated the coin to be easily touching the $1.66 mark by 2027. They consider Loomi to be having outstanding potential and reach new heights in value. Their specific experts and business analysts predicted the highest price for Loomi to hit  $12.35 by 2030 effortlessly.

Loomi (LOOMI) Price Prediction 2022. Source:

Dr. Niki

The youtube video says that the LOOMI token has been pumping really hard and is increasing significantly day by day since it has been listed on some notable projects such as Uniswap. There are some big sell orders and buyers coming for this token. They expect that the Loomi project has the potential to yield significant profits.

How to Buy Loomi (LOOMI)?

You cannot purchase Loomi directly through fiat money, like many other cryptocurrencies but can be bought by using the Binance Smart chain and PancakeSwap; you can buy it by going through some simple steps mentioned as follow.

Step 1: Create an account.

As you can get LOOMI by exchanging it with ETH, first you have to buy ETH with fiat money. So, enroll yourself on a Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange, such as or Coinbase. These platforms are used widely and have different features, terms, and policies. You can check both to figure out your preference. They will ask you for your phone number, email address, and other requirements for registration on the platform and different security verifications. 

Step 2: Fund your account.

The next thing you need to choose after registration is to select a payment method among credit cards, debit cards, or bank transfers. In most countries, credit cards offer an expensive but faster transaction than bank transfers. However, in other countries, all methods act in the same way. You can select payment the one that suits you and your location more.

Step 3: Buy ETH

After selecting the payment method, you should carefully read all the terms and conditions. It is also essential to understand the expected amount of ETH you may receive after the completion of the trade. If you are satisfied with the requirements of trade and price of the currency, attentively submit all your information needed by the exchange and recheck it once again. Now click on the ‘Trade’ button and select ‘ETH’ to buy the cryptocurrency. Then, confirm your transaction.

Step 4: Create a Metamask wallet.

Now you would need a wallet to store your assets. If you do not have a wallet already, you need to create or import one. You can use any wallet that runs with Uniswap and can hold ETH and LOOMI. However, we recommend you to use MetaMask for its dependability.

Step 6: Transfer ETH to Metamask.

After getting your ETH, send them to your MetaMask wallet. Make sure to type the correct wallet address.

Step 7: Connect Metamask with Uniswap.

Now, you have to head towards Uniswap, click “Connect” at the top, and select Metamask from the list. Uniswap does not need any registration on its platform. 

Step 8: Buy Loomi.

Taking into consideration your ETH balance, fill in the quantity of ETH to exchange with Loomi and choose Loomi from the dropdown list. Recheck your filled information and proceed by clicking the “Swap” button. Finally, click on the ‘Confirm Swap’ button to again ensure your transaction. Also, permit MetaMask to spend your ETH in Uniswap.

“Transaction Submitted” will appear on the screen when you have purchased LOOMI.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is Loomi a good investment?

Yes, it is a good investment. Its worth may go higher in price due to its utility and the pleasant experience it provides.

Can Loomi (LOOMI) reach $10?

Loomi may not reach $10 soon but can easily surpass this amount in the coming five to six years based on its current growth rate. 

How much will Loomi be worth in 2030?

It might reach $15 in 2030 due to its extraordinary potential and technologies.

Where can I buy Loomi?

You can buy Loomi (LOOMI) on Coinbase or PancakeSwap.


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