According to South Korean Authorities, Terra Co-Founder Do Kwon is Hiding in Serbia

Do Kwon, the co-founder of Terra Labs, is reportedly in Serbia, according to South Korean Authorities.

Since the Terra ecosystem’s collapse, the contentious crypto figure has been on the run amid many inquiries and legal actions.

According to South Korean authorities, Kwon traveled from Singapore to Serbia through Dubai. Kwon was said to be in Dubai early this year. According to some reports, the South Korean Ministry of Justice requests the Serbian government’s assistance.

Despite not having an extradition agreement, Serbia and South Korea both joined the European Convention on Extradition.

Kwon’s passport has been declared invalid, making travel virtually impossible. Although it’s possible that he’s already entered a neighboring country.

Kwon is allegedly fleeing to evade the inquiry, according to the prosecution. Kwon occasionally tweets and has already refuted this. Authorities gave him an arrest warrant, prompting Interpol to issue a red notice. 

FTX Responsible for Terra’s Crash?

The collapse of Terraform Labs and Do Kwon‚Äôs status are two of the biggest events that happened in the industry in 2022. The FTX collapse is another one. Authorities are investigating Sam Bankman-Fried and whether he was involved in Terra‚Äôs collapse. In a recent tweet, Do Kwon blamed Genesis Trading and SBF for the crash. 

Kwon also made fun of the investigators by suggesting that a global gathering of police be organized. He urged them to ‚Äúshow up if they dare.‚ÄĚ His carefree demeanor adds drama to an already high-profile case, and one wonders how long his run will last.