Will Dogecoin Go Up Again? – How High Could DOGE Price Go?

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Dogecoin, one of the world’s most successful cryptocurrencies in 2021, has been one of the very few meme-influenced cryptocurrencies. With its place solidified in the top 10 crypto market rankings based on market capitalization, Dogecoin’s popularity and importance to crypto communities are unlikely to fade out any time soon.

After increasing at extremely large rates in the first two quarters of this year, DOGE is likely to keep increasing at more stable rates in the coming years. 

DOGE reached an all-time high at $0.74 in May of 2021. But how long would it take for DOGE to go back to that range? We at Crypto Academy predict that DOGE could reach that range early in 2022.

While DOGE does not have a limited supply, its price is prone to inflation. Nonetheless, its application in the real world as a means of payment has already shown that Dogecoin might not need a limited supply to increase at large rates. Plenty of businesses have implemented Dogecoin. Many others have made Dogecoin their sponsor because they have witnessed how impactful DOGE is to crypto communities.

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Will Dogecoin Ever Go Above $1?

Many experts predict that a price of $1 can be easily achieved for DOGE. Wallet Investor predicts that the price of DOGE could increase by more than 600% in the longer run.

YouTuber The Bitcoin Express also suggests that DOGE can reach $1 in the coming months. He makes a careful analysis of DOGE and its tokenomics and then considers the likelihood of DOGE reaching $1 in the future.

Furthermore, we at Crypto Academy also predict that DOGE can reach $1 at some point in 2022. This prediction is derived from our fundamental and technical analyses on Dogecoin.

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Will Dogecoin Ever Reach $10?

For DOGE to ever reach $10, it would mean a market cap worth trillions of dollars. For that to happen, the cryptocurrency market needs to expand at large rates, which could take quite some time. Furthermore, DOGE would also need to provide more than it already offers. The DOGE meme might not live up to the hype forever. 

However, Dogecoin has Elon Musk as its most important factor. With speculation that Elon Musk is going to send literal DOGE to the literal moon using his SpaceX program, Dogecoin could even exceed $10 in the longer run. 

Here at Crypto Academy, we predict that DOGE could finally reach $10 by 2025. Only time can tell whether that occurs. Nonetheless, the future of Dogecoin is bright as its community keeps believing in the project.

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  • Dogecoin has become one of the biggest investments in 2021.
  • It reached an all-time high at $0.74 in May of 2021.
  • Plenty of businesses and investors such as Elon Musk have supported DOGE so far.
  • Its price could reach $1 sometime next year.
  • A $10 milestone is possible but only in the longer run.


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