Where to Buy CryptoPunks – A Detailed Guide

Throughout history, people have shown too much passion for collectibles. By collectibles, I mean things that do not hold any physical value like purchasing power or anything alike. We have coin collectors, rock collectors, trading cards collectors, stamps collectors, etc… Usually, collectors are willing to pay huge amounts of money for buying something they want to collect. We have Pokemon trading cards that sell for millions because they are limited edition pieces and so forth.

The process of collecting is also becoming digital. People now pay real money for getting a different look in a video game, for example. With the introduction of non-fungible tokens though, things were taken to the next level. The blockchain technology behind NFTs made it possible for people to truly own digital collectibles. In 2020 and 2021, NFTs took over the market and got extreme attention.

At the time of writing, the CryptoPunks collection is the most traded collection of all time with more than Ξ774,400 (~$3.09 billion) in trading volume. Nevertheless, the undisputed champions could be flipped by the Bored Ape Yach Club which has around Ξ295,300 (~$1.18 billion). As for floor price, BAYC has already flipped the CryptoPunks.

Cheap CryptoPunks

Despite the fact that CryptoPunks are some of the most, if not the most, expensive NFTs in the market, there are CryptoPunks that are slightly cheaper. For example, six days ago, CryptoPunk #9752 sold for Ξ26 (~$104,000). This is around Ξ46 (~$160,000) below the price that they usually sell.

Where to Buy Cryptopunks - A Detailed Guide

CryptoPunk #9752. Source: Larva Labs

Although there are no CryptoPunks available for sale at the moment, it could be possible for you to find a CryptoPunk for such a price. To add to this, there are CryptoPunks that were traded for no more than Ξ0.75 (~$3,000). Currently, the cheapest CryptoPunk you can buy is Ξ67.99 (~$271,900) and that is CryptoPunk #1194.

Where to Buy Cryptopunks - A Detailed Guide

CryptoPunk #1194. Source: Larva Labs

Where to Buy CryptoPunks?

Unlike most NFTs, the CryptoPunks collection is available in both OpenSea and Larva Labs. Currently, however, there are no CryptoPunks up for sale on OpenSea. This means that the only place to buy a CryptoPunk right now is directly from the Larva Labs website. Larva Labs have created their own marketplace and adjusted it to fit the CryptoPunks collection perfectly.

Where to Buy Cryptopunks - A Detailed Guide

Larva Labs CryptoPunks Marketplace. Source: Larva Labs

On their sector dedicated to CryptoPunks, Larva Labs provides information about every sale and bid going on. Moreover, they made it easier for users to navigate through their website by grouping Punks together based on their “status”. They have grouped the Punks that are for sale together, those that have active bids together, and those that are wrapped together.

The best part about buying CryptoPunks through Larva Labs is that you don’t have to pay any gas fees. Because the CryptoPunks are not ERC-721 tokens and are a custom contract. Moreover, the market in Larva Labs was built from scratch and is not similar to any other third-party marketplace such as OpenSea.


  • People always liked to collect things, be they rocks, coins, or trading cards. As technology advanced, people began collecting digital things.
  • With the technology of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), digital collectibles got to the next level.
  • Currently, the NFT collection with the most expensive entry price is Bored Ape Yacht Club. At the time of writing, the cheapest BAYC is Ξ73.5 and that is Bored Ape #3045.
  • However, though, the most traded NFT collection is the CryptoPunks collection.
  • The cheapest CryptoPunk is currently in sale for Ξ67.99 in Larva Labs.
  • You can buy CryptoPunks in either OpenSea or Larva Labs. It is highly recommended that you use Larva Labs to buy a CryptoPunk since OpenSea is mainly being used to view the collection rather than buying and selling.