UK Looking For a Crypto Crime Fighter With a $50K Salary

The National Crime Agency (NCA) of the UK is taking action to focus more on cryptocurrency crimes and thwart offenders.

The National Cyber Crime Team (NCCU), the NCA’s cyber-focused command, is establishing a specialized cryptocurrency unit to look into U.K. cyber events involving the usage of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

UK Looking For a Crypto Crime Fighter With a $50K Salary

The cryptocurrency-focused team, known as the “NCCU Crypto Cell,” would at first have five officers who are committed to “proactive cryptocurrency remit.”

“This is a really exciting opportunity which involves working in a team at the forefront of protecting the U.K. from cybercrime,” NCA infrastructure investigations director Chris Lewis-Evans said.

“Cryptocurrency and virtual assets are widely viewed as specialist areas of knowledge, and this role is key to supporting NCA investigations in which these are used to enable serious criminality.”

The NCA is looking to engage a cryptocurrency investigator with solid expertise in conducting blockchain forensic investigations on severe and organized crime as part of the project. The new NCA crypto crime fighter will advise detectives on the strategic and tactical aspects of cases involving cryptocurrencies, helping both ongoing and fresh investigations. Experience in locating and retrieving seed words and sophisticated blockchain tracing are requirements for the post.

A salary of between 40,200 and 43,705 British pounds ($48,200) per year is offered for the post. The deadline for applications is January 10, 2023.

In response to the government’s desire to eradicate “dirty money” in the nation, NCA’s action intends to raise regulatory emphasis on crypto assets in the U.K. The U.K. government unveiled a bill in September 2022 that aims to combat money laundering and fraud, especially by enhancing the capacity of law enforcement to seize cryptocurrency used for illegal activities.

As of October 2022, all police forces in the U.K. have all officers trained for investigations involving the collection and enforcement of cryptocurrency, according to National Police Chiefs’ Council detective chief superintendent Andy Gould.