What are the Revulution NFTs and What’s the Buzz Around Them?  

Many innovators are attempting to use the superiority of the emerging technology to provide new solutions to ongoing problems as many new initiatives come to life with the advancement of blockchain technology. 

Revuto was developed in response to the demand for a mobile subscription management solution that would allow users to subscribe to their favorite services with the freedom to cancel at any moment. Service providers try to make the cancellation process as dull as possible since they do not want you to cancel your membership plans. In essence, Revuto makes it simple to subscribe to and cancel your plans. 

What is Revuto?

A Cardano-based platform called Revuto intends to provide its users with a one-stop solution for all of their subscription needs. Users can quickly approve, block, or snooze their payments for any service using the site.

Users of the Revuto platform are protected from any unpleasant fees that can be paid if they are unable to cancel a membership plan as soon as it is due. Users of Revuto can automate their subscriptions so they can simply manage them even if they forget. The decentralized finance (DeFi) aspects of the Revuto platform also give customers greater value. Users can benefit from goods like micro-lending, staking, liquidity provisions, and more with these DeFi solutions. As it is planned to support more use cases in the near future, Revuto intends to be more than just a subscription management software. 

How Does Revuto Work?

Revuto is supported by an app that gathers all of the project’s features in one place. Users can find the full price for the majority of service providers, like Netflix, Shopify, Adobe, and more, in one location if they want to use the Revuto platform to manage their subscriptions. There are other categories on the subscription page, including TV, Cloud, Education, and Business, to name a few. 

You can use Revuto with your credit card to either “Approve” or “Block” the subscription of your choice whenever you want. Businesses could make use of Revuto’s API to make it easier for their customers to manage subscriptions.

The Revuto (REVU) Token

The REVU tokens, a native Cardano token that can be used to pay membership fees and also be used in the platform’s DeFi offerings, will power the Revuto platform. Rewards are given out in REVU, and token owners can take part in platform governance.

Regarding tokenomics, Revuto intends to repurchase REVU tokens for up to 40% of the money made through transaction fees and DeFi fees.


The Revuto platform has a lot of support from the community. We can see this by the created partnerships since their beginning. Some of them include:

  • Chainlink
  • Gate.io
  • KuCoin
  • Cardax
  • BitMart

The most recent partnership is with CardaHub with whom they will launch an NFT project on Wednesday, July 13.

What is The Revulution NFT Project?

According to Revuto’s most recent announcement, a new NFT project that would “REVUlutionize” the way people subscribe to services will go live this Wednesday, July 13, 2022. Their NFT project allows users to subscribe to any service for any period of time and even sell unused membership periods to other people.

A few weeks prior to the announcement, the platform teamed with CardaHub to introduce its Revuto NFT marketplace. The sale of the NFTs is scheduled to begin on July 13. 

Since its establishment, Revuto has dominated the subscription market by assisting its users in easily managing several subscriptions and saving money. Even with ground-breaking digital subscription management, the platform has improved its services by finding new methods to assist its users. 

The most recent NFT project is a fantastic illustration of Revuto’s ongoing innovation in making it simple for its users to manage their subscriptions. Through the REVUlution NFT, lifelong digital memberships to Spotify and Netflix are included. The NFT’s inspiration came from the fact that the majority of subscribers chose long-term subscriptions since they are more affordable and time-efficient. However, most of the time, these subscriptions are only partially used.

For example, a user could pay for a Netflix membership for a year and then decide they no longer want to use it after six months. Unfortunately, the subscription service won’t lower your fee or give you a refund for unused portions in such situations. Instead, you will be forced to keep your memberships until they expire. 

This is where Revuto’s most recent REVUlution NFT comes into play. You can make money off the subscriptions you no longer use with the help of NFTs. You can also purchase any subscription for any length of time with a discount. The value of the purchased NFT will always be more than the remaining subscription time. Because of this, if you decide not to use the subscription again, you can sell the NFT to another user, who will be able to use it until it expires. 

How Does The NFT Project Work?

The Revulution NFT project of the subscription services you no longer use has been discussed thus far, and it’s likely that you’re asking how this is all accomplished. 

In order to sign up for that service, NFT holders will receive a Revuto Virtual Debit Card. The card will be topped off by Revuto, making it simple to manage the subscription service. The virtual card will keep getting topped off by the platform until there is no more subscription time. The NFT will then expire, and the subscription or NFT project cannot be sold again at that time. 

The ability to sell an NFT to other users will be available in situations when a person has purchased an NFT, enjoyed its subscription services, but over time grown tired of the subscription service. Users who currently receive NFTs will now also receive top-ups. Additionally, they will get a new virtual debit card to use up until the NFT expires.

Moreover, the best feature of this new type of NFT is that users will also have access to a dashboard where they can track NFTs and know how long they have left until expiration. As such, they will be able to reduce expenses. 


  • Revuto aims to provide users with a solution for all of their subscription needs.
  • Revuto protects its users from all unpleasant fees that can be paid if unable to cancel a membership.
  • In partnership with CardaHub, Revuto announced the release of their NFT project on Wednesday, July 13.
  • With the Revuto NFT, you can cancel your subscriptions at any time with no fee punishment.

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