New Crypto and Record Label GreedSwap will be Launched by Producers Cool and Dre

Cool and Dre, the Grammy-nominated producer team along with Peter Parente, the developer, have announced GreedSwap ($GREED), their latest project which has made the crypto community positively anxious about what comes next. 

One of the largest businesses in the world, the showbiz industry and music especially were the next industries to join forces with the crypto market to change the way of how music is distributed globally, and major projects are growing by the minute. 

The press release announcing the launch of the $GREED project or GreedSwap has also confirmed that the new contract includes $GREED running on Cardano, the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

Cardano will surely benefit from this partnership seeing as the list of projects for utilizing their blockchain is ever-growing and a definite value add-on for the Cardano team. ADA definitely has many more profitable events to look forward to seeing as 2,300 smart contracts are getting prepared to be officially released. 

For all of those crypto and blockchain enthusiasts out there, projects such as this one solidify even the slightest doubt about the significance and potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies

The reason why $GREED can prove to be a highly important factor for Cardano is the fact that it is a deep, broad, and versatile project. Apart from providing a breakthrough factor in the music industry, it is also a captivating and interesting layout for investors due to its vast ecosystem. 

The GreedSwap ecosystem will encompass a multichain NFT marketplace, farms, staking pools, as well as a mega Metaverse built-in Decentraland involving NFT keys, wearables, and driveables. VIP access will be granted via the keys to specific areas of the $GREED realm such as the GreedSwap studio where favorite artists can be seen recording their music as well as live streaming of concerts. 

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