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New MetaMask DApp Bridges Multiple Blockchains

New MetaMask DApp Bridges Multiple Blockchains

A new DApp in MetaMask will allow users to transfer tokens between multiple blockchain bridges.

Consensys, a blockchain software tech giant, recently announced that MetaMask users will now be able to bridge multiple blockchains through MetaMask Bridges. This will facilitate blockchain interoperability even more than before. 

Besides Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Avalanche, and Polygon, users can now bridge Ether and Wrapped Ether, along with native tokens and other major stablecoins.

Because of this new feature, transferring tokens from one blockchain to another has never been easier. 

Angla Potter, product manager of MetaMask Bridges, stated that token transfer has never been easier. However, users still have to self-check data before engaging with a bridge. This includes researching costs, speed, and security since the three can vary from blockchain to blockchain.

Nonetheless, MetaMask Bridges automatically picks the cheapest bridge, but users can then manually adjust the choice by selecting a faster bridge.

The MetaMask Bridge is still in its beta phase, but users can still use it. Nonetheless, users are constrained to $10,000 per transfer while bridging.

MetaMask continues to be one of the most used crypto wallets that facilitates Web 3.0 adoption and provides decentralized means of financial services.

Other reports suggest that MetaMask Bridges could work on Bitcoin integration in the future, but not in the short run.

If that happens, then users could connect their BTC with various DApps.

In other news, Consensys will inject $2.4 million in MetaMask Grands DAO. The latter will provide further development opportunities for users of MetaMask, which facilitates further Web 3.0 adoption.

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