Metahero (HERO) Price Prediction 2030 – What Will HERO Price be in 2030?

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As the crypto market expands, more projects are added that bring different utilities to the market. Recently, there has been a lot of hype around metaverse-related cryptocurrencies as it is expected that the metaverse is the future of online communication. With NFTs being the driving point of the metaverse, cryptocurrencies such as Metahero have started to gain more attention recently.

This article gives a brief explanation of what Metahero offers and how much its price is predicted to increase by 2030. 

What is Metahero (HERO)?

Since people need to have a playable character as an NFT in the metaverse, they usually would have to buy an NFT that would represent their character. But what if they could have their own character as an NFT? Here is where Metahero’s utility comes.

Through Metahero, people can scan their bodies and mint their bodies as an NFT, where they can use that within the metaverse. This concept had existed before, but Metahero became the first to successfully introduce Metascanning to the crypto world. 

Metahero uses the technology of Wolf Digital World, which is one of the most successful 3D scanning companies in the world. 

Different from many other projects, Metahero did not rely on whales to fund its launch. $10 million worth of funding came from the owner of the Metahero himself, Robert Gryn, who has been actively involved in tech-related industries.

Metahero (HERO) Price Prediction 2030

In order to predict what the price of a cryptocurrency can be at a certain time, we have to account for several price factors. First and foremost, Metahero has utility and its demand is likely to increase in the long run as mass adoption continues for cryptocurrencies and the metaverse.

Secondly, Metahero has a limited supply. With a total supply of 10 billion HERO tokens, the price of Metahero is inflation-free, meaning that the price can increase as the supply gets scarcer for HERO.

Moreover, we should also look at the upcoming projects of Metahero. For instance, Metahero is developing another metaverse-related project, named the Everdome, which is set to launch soon. Additionally, Metahero aims to be listed in more centralized exchanges by 2022, as well as create other game studios or other major partnerships that can boost its price for the long term. They have already gained quite the attention from the promos in the F1 racing events that occurred at the end of 2021, where a lot of institutional investors became interested in HERO.

Another key factor that we have to account for is market changes. By 2030, two other BTC halvings are planned to occur: one in 2024 and one in 2028. Based on previous halvings, the market usually enters a bullish trend. Hence, we could expect the price of HERO to explode after halving events occur.

As such, we here at Crypto Academy predict that the price of HERO can range from $15 to $20 by 2030, which would see Metahero have a market cap of around $150-$200 billion. While that may not be possible in today’s market, it is entirely feasible in the next 10 years, considering mass adoption.

Metahero price prediction for 2030.
Metahero (HERO) Price Prediction for 2030.

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  • Metahero (HERO) is a blockchain-based project that provides 3D Metascanning for users.
  • It aims to connect humanity with the Metaverse.
  • Its utility, tokenomics, market changes, as well as upcoming updates, can increase the price of HERO in the coming years.
  • The price of HERO is predicted to increase to around $15-$20 by 2030.
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