Is PinkSale Finance Legit? – A Detailed Review

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One of the main issues in the cryptocurrency market is credibility. Since this market is unregulated, it is a hotspot for scammers. Until today, thousands of people have lost money because of scams in this market. However, this does not mean that the whole industry is a scam. On the contrary, many legit projects promote the benefits of being in this industry. One of these projects is PinkSale Finance. 

Throughout this article, we will talk about PinkSale Finance and its credibility. Moreover, we will focus on some of the key features that make PinkSale legit.

What is PinkSale Finance?

First off, let us touch upon the basics of PinkSale Finance. This launchpad protocol supports 7 different blockchains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, KuCoin, Avalanche, Fantom, and Cronos. Moreover, they recently announced that they will support Binance Smart Chain and Matic Mumbai testnet as well.

Unlike many other launchpad protocols, PinkSale Finance allows users to create their own token through their platform. This makes it the go-to platform for crypto beginners that want to get started with their own project. Additionally, you can manage and create a launchpad and a fair launch for that token as well. PinkSale also allows people to create launchpads using their official token, PinkSale (PINKSALE). PINKSALE-powered launchpads go by the name of PinkPads.

Moving on, PinkSale provides a document accessible to everyone in which they explain basically everything regarding their platform. In that document, you can find detailed information about their token, their partnerships, the process of creating and launching a token, the process of creating a launchpad, and so forth.

In that same document, you can also find information about two of the most notable features of PinkSale: Anti-Bot and Anti-Rug. First off, the Pink Anti-Bot is a feature that PinkSale has implemented in order to stop bots from participating in launchpads in order to avoid dumps. Then, we have the Anti-Rug system that makes sure no project launched in PinkSale is rugged. This system makes the project owners to lock the portion of tokens that will go toward the team. By vesting the team tokens this way, the buyers are safer from a potential rug pull.

Conclusion: Is PinkSale Finance Legit?

So, is PinkSale legit? Well, the facts presented above are just some of the reasons why we believe that PinkSale Finance is one of the safest protocols of its kind. So, that means that PinkSale Finance is legit. The main fear that people feel when they enter a new project is the fear of being rugged. However, PinkSale took care of that and made it possible for people to participate in virtually invulnerable launchpads. Moreover, you won’t need to look out for bots if you want to launch your token in PinkSale because their Anti-Bot feature takes care of that.


  • The cryptocurrency market is credible and legit. However, it also is a jungle when it comes to scams and fraud.
  • PinkSale Finance is one project that truly promotes the main ideas of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
  • By being partly decentralized and supporting more than 7 blockchains, PinkSale is one of the biggest launchpad protocols in the market.
  • This platform has its own token called PinkSale (PINKSALE), which you can find in CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.
  • All in all, PinkSale Finance is a very safe place to launch your token. It has several features that make it truly legit. Two worth noting are its Anti-Rug system and its Anti-Bot feature.
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