PinkSale Review – A Detailed Analysis of the Leading Launchpad Protocol

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As cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology get adopted in the real world, more and more tokens join the market. The attention that this market is getting is one of the main incentives behind thousands of new projects. However, with cryptocurrency giants such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Luna, and Dogecoin in the way, new projects usually have a harder time making a successful debut. Today, however, there are several platforms that help new projects get the exposure they deserve so that their launch does not fail. Such platforms are called Launchpads.

At the time of writing, one of the biggest launchpads is called PinkSale Finance. Until today, it has helped projects raise hundreds of millions in liquidity, making their debut in the market much easier. Let us take a deeper look at PinkSale Finance, its features, and how it works.

What is PinkSale Finance?

PinkSale Finance is a launchpad protocol that helps projects create token sales in just a few clicks. Until today, they have had more than 8730 projects on their platform. Moreover, they raised more than $380 million in liquidity, having more than 890,000 presale participants. Just recently, they hit the $415 million TVL. 

What makes this platform stand out is the fact that it is decentralized. Moreover, PinkSale is one of the few launchpad protocols that support several blockchains. Currently, you can create a launchpad on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, and Polygon using PinkSale. Additionally, you can customize the way your launchpad is executed to the tiniest detail. By this, we mean that you can create deflationary tokens, transaction taxes, or other functions such as charity functions. 

We think of PinkSale as an All-in-One platform because of its countless features. Some of the most important features that this platform provides are Customization, Branding, Launchpad, Community Management, and Locking. 

We must also mention that PinkSale provides PinkPads, launchpads that are funded on their native token, PinkSale (PINKSALE). As the cherry on top, you can also create airdrops for your project through PinkSale’s Airdrop feature.

PinkSale Launchpads

As explained above, PinkSale Launchpads are launchpads launched on their platform. Anyone can create a launchpad, and before creating a launchpad, they can even create a token by using the PinkSale platform. If the project wants to be fairly launched, it can use the option of fair launch that PinkSale provides as well. A fair launch means that everybody gets to participate in the sale of that specific token, eliminating the need for a pre-sale.

Once you contribute to a launchpad, your funds are locked in the pool and they will stay that way until the presale ends. If you need to withdraw your funds, you can use the “Emergency Withdraw” button which lets you immediately withdraw them. However, using that comes with a 10% tax that you must pay to PinkSale. On the other hand, though, if the presale of the token fails to reach its soft cap and it is canceled, then all of your funds will be returned.

PinkSale Launchpad Creation Example
Example of How a PinkSale Launchpad Looks. Source: PinkSale


  • Launchpads are platforms that make it easier for people to create, promote, and sell their tokens.
  • One of the biggest crypto launchpads is PinkSale Finance. This platform, however, does not only provide launchpad services. It includes PinkPads, Airdrops, and much more.
  • To this day, PinkSale is accountable for more than 8730 launchpads, $380 million in liquidity, and $415 million in locked value.
  • This platform has a native token called PinkSale (PINKSALE) that operates on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
  • All in all, PinkSale Finance is one of the leading launchpad protocols. It provides all of the necessary tools to create, manage, and launch a token.
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