Holo Price Prediction September 2021: HOT Bearish If It Remains Below $0.10

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HOT Technical Analysis – September 2021

Monthly Analysis

Over the last month by almost 40%, but it then had a big dip by 37%. This decrease indicated that HOT might now be in a downtrend and that its price may keep decreasing in the coming days if it fails to break key resistance structures.

Weekly Analysis 

Weekly analysis shows that HOT has declined and is now in a period of consolidation. A symmetrical triangle pattern has formed, indicating that a breakout may soon occur. Whether that is upward or downward depends on how strong the projected key structures are.

Holo Price Prediction September 2021: HOT Bearish If It Remains Below $0.10

Daily Analysis

In an intraday chart, Holo has had high levels of volatility. This volatility can be best explained due to the recent consolidation. The price has ranged from $0.0092 to $0.0098

Key Structures


  • $0.0083


  • $0.01


Moving Average

The 20-day moving average suggests that HOT is now bearish. The MA line is above the price and may act as a strong resistance level in the coming days. 

The 9-day EMA also is above the price and acting as resistance. It has followed the price movement and indicates that the trend is now downward. 

Relative Strength Index

Due to the recent price decrease, the RSI is fairly average at around 45. This indicates that the current momentum is bearish, but that there is a lot of space for both increasing or decreasing in the coming days.


The MACD line is headed below the baseline since the signal line is way higher. This shows that sellers have taken over and that the price of HOT may keep decreasing even more in the coming days.,

Fear & Greed

The fear and greed indicators of a 4-hour chart suggest that there have been greed tendencies besides the fact that fear has dominated recently. This balance might be good for traders.

Holo Price Prediction September 2021: HOT Bearish If It Remains Below $0.10


The Fibonacci levels show that in the longer term, HOT is yet to retrace to 61.8%. If that occurs and HOT finds support there, then we might see Holo bounce back upwards.

Holo Price Prediction September 2021: HOT Bearish If It Remains Below $0.10

Price Prediction HOT – September 2021

Based on this technical analysis, we might see HOT go further down. Since a triangle pattern suggests that the breakout might occur either way, but the indicators show that HOT is bearish, then we might expect HOT to go below $0.008 if it fails to find support at the projected structures. Either way, HOT can also go higher if it breaks resistance at $0.01.

Latest News for HOT – Affecting Price

There has not been any major news for Holochain. However, if the likes of BTC keep increasing, then it is likely that HOT may also increase. Since it is considered good crypto and in the top 70 market rankings, it has already gotten support from its large community. Even though this analysis suggests that HOT might decrease in the shorter run, it may increase in the longer one since it is a promising project.

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