Have Your Eyes Scanned and Get Free Crypto, Invites Tech Millionaire Sam Altman

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Scanning your eyes in exchange for free cryptocurrencies seems hard to believe, but Worldcoin will turn this into reality. 

Innovative Project for Wider Crypto Adoption 

The new crypto unicorn, co-founded by Sam Altman, Alex Blania, and Max Novendsternand supported by a16z, has this new excellent idea on how to spread cryptocurrencies all over the world and have countries adopt them. 

Looks like a project that gives out free crypto coins is one that aims for the moon, but Worldcoin is not doing it alone. Big names like Andreessen Horowitz, Coinbase Ventures, 1confirmation, Blockchange, and Day One Ventures and a value of  $1 billion are after it. 

The pilot project was a success as over 100,000 participants took part, while the company aims to get to more than a billion in a period of two years. 

Currently, there are more than 300 million crypto users all around the world, and the company wants to get this number even higher. 

A Crypto Coin for Everyone 

Alex Blania, Worldcoin CEO informed the public that this is a well-thought project, and the idea is years old. The cofounders are interested to bring a new cryptocurrency available for everyone and which can make the world a better place.

Worldcoin is a cryptocurrency that is built as a layer two on top of the Ethereum blockchain, allowing anyone to create accounts, submit transactions, and participate in the validation process. It will be fully developed next year.

The chance for the community to own it, the free coins, and its friendly approach will be the main elements that characterize it, explains Blania. Moreover, interested users can sign up for Worldcoin even without having any other financial resources.

Eye Scan in Return for Coins 

All the person has to do is scan their eyes with hardware names Orb and get free access to it. These devices will be called “Orb operators” and will be found in every place of the world.

The CEO explained more about the process, that operators will be rewarded for everyone that signs up for Worldcoin. For instance, an Orb operator in Indonesia has already come up with ways on how to reach more people. They collaborated with one of the food delivery companies so they can sign up the company drivers. Then they rented an arena in front of a shopping mall where they can get the most attention. 

Finally, the Orb operator was invited to a village where he got to promote the Worldcoin. The visit was so successful that it brought him eight other invitations to yet other villages. This way more and more people will get to listen to him talk about Worldcoin and its benefits

Big Brother Is Watching You

Despite the successful start, merely mentioning this eye scan can create feelings of discomfort because it can be equated to Big Brother and loss of privacy. Some might worry that this is another way of controlling people. 

What the Orb will do though, is scan people’s eyes and turn it into a numeric code, the original image not being either stored or uploaded.

The system will not connect this numeric code with the users’ wallets or anything else that would threaten their privacy. Moreover, users can also be part of the Worldcoin Network without an eye scan, however, that will deprive them of free coins.

The team is working hard on the mobile app to smooth the entire application process. It will facilitate user transactions and serve as a navigator for locating nearby Orb operators. The main aspiration is to reach massive numbers with the distribution of 50,000 Orbs per year.

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