Filing Shows FTX Owes Money To Netflix, Binance, WSJ, And Many More

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According to recent court documents, the insolvent crypto exchange FTX owes money to a number of companies, including Apple, Binance, Coinbase, Netflix, and more. The identities were made public today, along with a lengthy list of FTX creditors.

The 116-page report highlights the vast reach of FTX and features a number of well-known businesses. The list contained 9.7 million redacted client names and is decorated with institutions, media outlets, and rival bitcoin exchange sites, according to Coindesk.

Unquestionably, one of the biggest scandals in the relatively recent history of the crypto industry is the collapse of FTX. A previously acclaimed website for its reliability has suddenly been declared bankrupt. Many of its founders and key executives were subsequently detained on fraud charges.

FTX now owes money to a number of companies, including Apple, Binance, Netflix, and many more, according to the newly made public list of creditors. The 116-page booklet includes information about colleges, airlines, and non-profit organizations.

The FTX legal team prepared the file, which came about as a result of the current bankruptcy court proceedings in the U.S. Court of Delaware. The identities of the creditors were previously kept secret at the hearing in January by the case’s judge, John Dorsey. In contrast, he asked the platform to fill in a list of institutional investors.

Due to that request, a list of businesses with their names on it may now be found among FTX’s many creditors. There were several media organizations, including the aforementioned Netflix, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Fox, and others. A number of cryptocurrency companies, including Binance and Coinbase, as well as Stanford University and its credit union, are present.

The amount owing for each entry on the credit list is not specified. However, according to Coindesk, FTX had already acknowledged owing its top 50 debtors close to $3.1 billion. The paper also mentions that the two biggest claims were $226 million and $203 million.

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