NFT Blockchain Gaming Surges As FireZard’s Latest Collection Reaches New Highs

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As the non-fungible token (NFT) market continues to grow, gaming companies such as FireZard continue to launch NFT collections. For FireZard though, this is their first NFT collection. This makes it the first play-to-earn trading game on Binance Smart Chain. 

The NFTs and blockchain games have been flourishing in 2022, following their bloom in 2021. The unexpected growth of this new world of technology has a tremendous influence on all areas of life. Each day, celebrities are jumping into this world of purchasing digital collectibles. Artists like Eminem have already made their step towards this exciting digital world. 

A new game has taken the main role in the marketplace recently. It is called FireZard, a trading card game based on the Binance Blockchain. Compared to Pokemon, the game’s major hook involves players putting their valued dragons against each other. Furthermore, their unique qualities and powerful techniques are utilized to defeat their opponent. However, unlike Pokemon, the game uses blockchain technology to run. This implies that each dragon is owned by a person or a group of individuals.

This magical world involves beauties of mountains, lakes, fields, caves, and flying dragons in the sky; this attracts many users to step into this game. However, the question of how to buy the FireZard’s NFT collectibles remains. So let’s dive in more to answer this question.

How Does FireZard Work? 

What distinguishes FireZard from its competitors is the approach this game has built. It is a well-balanced play-to-earn approach that pays players purely for playing the game. The protagonists of this game are the dragons, while 60 NFTs show other characters for the Play-to-Earn (P2E) game. Moreover, dragons are divided into several categories. Specifically, there are five main categories: FireZard, BliZard, FloraZard, LectraZard, and HydraZard. In terms of gameplay and design, these NFTs act as fundamentals.

As the enlargement of FireZard rises, it makes it the first trading card game on BSC that will provide players with immediate rewards in the world. In addition, players may swap these dragon NFTs for BNB tokens dependent on the rarity level of the dragons they claim. Depending on the rarity class, FireZard may range from common to ultra-rare. No considerable value can be attributed to the NFTs falling within the general category. The unique NFTs, on the other hand, provide more immediate payouts, ranging anywhere between 0.1 BNB and 5 BNB.

Diving Deeper Into the Game

There is more to the world of fire dragons. Diving into details, the NFTs can represent different card types. According to this, the types would be either attack or defense type. To explain it in simple terms, let’s imagine we own a FireZard dragon card. The attack power of this card outweighs its defenses. As a result, players must thoughtfully choose the best trade cards and plan before engaging in battle. As soon as the P2E game is available to the general public, gamers will experience the full game.

It’s just a matter of time until FireZard launches its own NFT marketplace. There, players will be able to purchase, sell, and trade NFT cards. Tokens used in every transaction are $ZARD tokens. They may also be staked for $FLAME tokens, which can then be exchanged for more tokens. To buy NFT packets, players need $FLAME. This means that the price of $FLAME is independent of $ZARD, and as a result, they don’t have to be concerned about price swings.

The goal of FireZard is much more than it appears. It intends to set up a viable Play-to-Earn economy. There are two token models and deflationary mechanisms in horizon used by this new player. As per the main token $ZARD, a buyback functionality provides token burning. This hints that FireZard might continue its successful run in the long term as well. 

Simple Explanation of FireZard

Simply put, FireZard is a trading card game on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Moreover, it is a Play-to-Earn game that rewards players for playing. $ZARD token awards may be earned by battling using various tactics on a level playing field. The existence of its own market has made it easier to trade NFT packs for $FLAME tokens. You don’t merely gather these NFT packets. BNB prizes may be obtained by exchanging them for rare BNB items. When it comes to the future of this gaming environment, FireZard aims to include additional NFT sets, tournaments, and other commodities. 

Following more details to this fascinating new game, it has built a system labeled as free-to-play. This system enables players to connect to the blockchain and join any battle they want in the game. This game also provides several options for players who want a faster process to earn more rewards. Anyone who wants this kind of opportunity needs to buy $ZARD tokens. As a result, a vibrant player-owned economy is created. This genesis NFT collection will be the initial step for gamers to achieve such an in-game economy through different cryptocurrencies and tokens.

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