Every American Bank Avoids Cryptocurrency, According to Charles Hoskinson

In reaction to US banks’ efforts to prevent crypto use through their clientele, Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOG and a co-creator of Cardano and Ethereum, posted a sarcastic message on Twitter.

He cited the closure of Kanye West’s JP Morgan account from last week as an example. The rapper and investment bank could no longer work together.

Charles Hoskinson responded to the question that he has apparently been hearing from the cryptocurrency community regularly: why are firms in the space that have their tokens not good at selling their goods and solutions?

He believes that American banks do a much better job of educating the general public about cryptocurrency. He used the well-known rapper Kanye West, who can be seen in the image wearing a baseball cap with the name Satoshi Nakamoto stitched on it, as an example.

The image’s description alleges that rapper Ye West has become a supporter of Bitcoin (BTC) since banking behemoth JP Morgan recently closed his account and terminated an agreement with him for customer support three days ago prior.

The text on the photograph claims that Ye West, a rapper, has switched to supporting Bitcoin (BTC) after JP Morgan closed his account for three days and ended a customer service agreement.

The social media behemoths Twitter and Instagram had already banned the rapper billionaire’s profiles for posting conspiratorial anti-Semitic content. 

The well-known proponent of cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin (BTC), is Kanye West. He allegedly filed 17 applications on the 1st of June to start manufacturing his own brand of branded NFTs, as reported by the media. He pledged that during the cold, he would never employ non-fungible tokens.

Roelof Botha, the former CEO of PayPal, and Justin Sun, the creator and former CEO of Tron, allegedly had their accounts frozen previously. The creator of TechCrunch, Michael Arrington, believed that Botha’s profile had been banned because he had bought some Bitcoin at the time.

Nevertheless, the Cardano founder believes that banks are more successful than blockchain platforms at “pushing” crypto. Kanye West is also brought up.