TeaSea Tc Is a Scammer – Instagram Verification

Tea Sea Sc which apparently has 16.3k followers on Instagram is a scammer. He claims to provide blue ticks for Instagram accounts. It turns out that he just receives funds from people and never delivers what he promises. 

Even here at Crypto Academy, we have been scammed by him. After we sent him funds so he could provide the service for us, he never contacted us and disappeared.

TeaSea Tc Is a Scammer - Instagram Verification

TeaSea Tc Instagram profile. Source: Instagram

And we are not the only ones who have been scammed by this “influencer”. Our editorial team has received several complaints from other individuals who have fallen victim to this individual. 

After a little research, this has turned out to be true. We urge everyone to be careful of this individual and if he claims that he can provide any service such as “Instagram verification” keep in mind that he can not deliver this service. He will only take your money and never return it.