Crypto Policy Symposium 2022: The First Anti-Crypto Conference

In order to share their doubts about the industry, the first anti-crypto conference attendees are hoping to get a word with officials from the government.

Critics of the industry and doubters have joined together to host their own anti-crypto conference where they can express their doubts and connect with legislators in the midst of the most recent crypto bear market.

The Crypto Policy Symposium promises to provide skeptics a platform to air their grievances, while the majority of crypto conferences highlight the most recent innovations at the forefront of the industry.

The goal of this first such anti-crypto gathering is to provide the public a chance to communicate with legislators about how they think the crypto sector ought to be handled as well as voice their doubts about the industry, said author and symposium organizer Stephen Diehl.

Crypto critic journalist Amy Castor and other crypto doubters share the opinion that government officials do not have a strong knowledge of how cryptocurrencies operate. Government representatives are “woefully misinformed”, in Castor’s words.

On her blog on July 3d, Castor criticized the fact that “deep-pocket crypto companies with lots of venture capitalist backing” are the key voices heard by legislators, who may be swaying their choices. Her opinion notwithstanding, it still seems very challenging for cryptocurrency companies to advance in many places, such as in New York, where a ban on Bitcoin (BTC) mining is looming.

Development is either slow or nonexistent in Australia and China, where cryptocurrency financial services are still blocked by regulators and mining, and transactions are explicitly prohibited.