‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Allegedly Owes $47 Million to CoinFLEX

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The high net-worth (HNI) individual, Roger Ver, CEO of Bitcoin.com, allegedly owes CoinFLEX $47 million, causing the exchange’s withdrawal problems and announcing plans to release a recovery token to assist raise funds to settle the $47 million gap, so it has been reported.

The allegation that Roger Ver owed CoinFLEX $47 million broke when Terra and crypto Twitter community member FatManTerra spoke on the matter. CoinFLEX let Ver run a deficit since he provided a personal assurance that he would repay the exchange, according to the Twitter user. He added that the information was validated by a certified source.

CEO of CoinFLEX, Mark Lamb, shared on Twitter confirming that Roger Ver did owe CoinFLEX 47 million USDC, following FatManTerra’s announcement regarding the CoinFLEX fiasco. CoinFLEX has a contractual agreement with Ver that required him to personally guarantee any negative equity on his CoinFLEX account, Lamb disclosed.

These allegations by Mark Lamb were thrown down shortly after when ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ took to Twitter as well to deny any debt in his name. He even threw back the accusations at CoinFlex, which allegedly owed Ver a considerably large amount of money.

Yet, the truth about who owes who money, in reality, has not yet been disclosed, as speculation continues.


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