Cardano’s Blockchain Partnership in Ethiopia Has Been Recognized Among Most Influential Projects of 2021

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All eyes are on the Cardano network and that’s not only because of its network updates. Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts have focused their attention on the Cardano network because of the numerous use cases it continues to explore within its blockchain.

The Cardano network has been interested in Africa from the beginning of the year and keeps getting more and more involved with the continent. 

Input-Output HK’s identity management solution, Atala Prism, is one project that has gotten a lot of attention. The Project Management Institute has marked it as one of the most impactful projects of the year and now everyone is talking about it. 

Atala Prism got 14th place from the organization for project and product management experts located in Pennsylvania. The Bahamas’ Sand Dollar, the world’s first central bank digital money, came in fourth place.

A collaboration between IOHK and the Minister of Education in Ethiopia to create a blockchain-powered system was announced earlier in 2021. Its purpose was to keep track of students’ progress in local schools. This is how Atala Prism, the national digital database, came to be. 

The project’s goal is to increase educational efficiency and facilitate social mobility for pupils living in impoverished rural areas.

John O’Connor, the Input Output’s Director of African Operations, talked more about the project in an interview with PMI. He has high hopes for the future of the project, believing that learning management systems can also be incorporated into it. This way the system could help students manage their homework better and finish them on the tablet.

The project, which Input-Output has dubbed “the largest blockchain deployment,” is set to debut in early 2022. It has already attracted a lot of attention from supporters of the blockchain despite the fact that it will be launched only next year. As a result, Cardano is now planning to present the Ethiopian government with a blockchain solution for a national ID system.

Something else that Cardano is trying to do is convince other African leaders for developing similar systems in their countries. 

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, is working in broadening his network’s base throughout these partnerships by going on an African tour.

He’ll meet with leaders from countries including South Africa, Kenya, Burundi, and Zanzibar, which is self-governing. The CEO got to Twitter to post pictures with the 8th president of Zanzibar, Hussein Ali Mwinyi.

Apart from leaders, Hoskinson will also meet with representatives from the continent’s Cardano startups. The announcement of a $100 million fund and the establishment of its commercial arm, EMURGO’s African wing, supported Cardano’s growing ambitions in Africa.

Cardano’s dedication to Africa may prove fruitful for the continent, with African entrepreneurs already cooperating with the network. 

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