Back To Work: Hoskinson Announces Cardano Africa Tour

After spending some quality offline time in his Wyoming ranch, Charles Hoskinson reveals the details of Cardano’s Africa Tour expected to begin shortly. 

Charles Hoskinson, Input Output Global CEO and Cardano Founder has announced via Twitter that aficionados can expect the imminent beginning of the Cardano tour in Africa: 

Given the successful Alonzo hardfork launch and other successful projects for Cardano lately, Charles Hoskinson said on the 30th of September that a break is much needed to get away from work and social media by detaching for a whole two weeks. 

Skepticism around enthusiasts rose as the community was in disbelief of Hoskinson’s ability to resist staying away, by comparing him to Elon Musk’s decision to turn a long break from social media into a whole 3 days of staying away. 

Nonetheless, not only did Hoskinson manage to stay away, he even made a dramatic entrance by announcing big plans for Cardano. 

The tour will start from South Africa to Egypt according to the tweet. Reportedly, an unknown VC fund was the latest partnership signed by IOHK to finance blockchain startups in Africa that want to build on Cardano for which $6 million are allocated. 

The Cardano team will travel on a tour around Africa, according to a press statement announcing the previously stated cooperation. The purpose is to participate in the selection of start-ups that apart from getting the required financial aid will also get assistance and the needed education for running the projects.  

Providing IT education is a plan that IOG has already started working on.  Ethiopia is home to a sizable contingent. IOG has formed a partnership with the government and is currently working with a group of 5 million students and teachers. Hoskinson with the Cardano team will travel around Africa to meet with the directors of creative start-ups and significant diplomatic personalities. Zanzibar, South Africa, Burundi, and Kenya will all be visited throughout the expected tour.

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