New Partnership of Binamon And Trees With Faces Seems To Be Exciting

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Binamon is about to release one of the top games in the GameFi space. As a result, one special non-fungible token (NFT) is for grabs. Trees With Faces (TWF) is a community-driven NFT project. Recently, it announced its partnership with the Binamon GameFi platform. Regarding honoring the partnership, the NFT protocol will distribute a special NFT. 

Furthermore, the NFT platform revealed some news about engaging users in their activity. In addition, users will be rewarded for completing only three activities on Twitter related to Binamon. To win the NFT giveaway, there are some simple steps to follow. First, users must visit the TWF announcement tweet on March 19 and follow the instructions.

Following more, TWF announced that one Aragon Animated Dragon-TWF Tree NFT will be given away to a lucky winner. Aside from that, they will reveal the winner on March 26. Meanwhile, the TWF presale will occur on March 30. 

TWF is a collection of randomly produced unique trees with various faces, forms, and clothing. Following the NFT Presale, the protocol intends to create a metaverse soon. TWF’s offer regarding the NFT giveaway is still going on. Henceforth, anybody interested can go over to the TWF tweet and join. By participating, they can raise their chances of winning the unique digital collectible.

Binamon Releases Some Teases

The Binamon Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game is getting closer to release. Thus, the game released a few teases on Twitter. Accordingly, Nicolas Veiga, Binamon’s CEO and software architect, released a 26-second video on March 17. The video delivers the message “sow today, harvest tomorrow @binamok.”

The in-game cinematic sound is the most recent addition to the future game. In addition, the game’s entrance tune will be accessible in both English and Japanese, as reported by the CEO.

As per the record, the online game Binamon is based on NFTs and runs on the blockchain. It is a world of digital monsters where players fight and defeat monsters to get BMON tokens. Additionally, gamers stake their Binamons (Genesis NFTs) and earn money through staking. This is a way to make money without having to do any work.

In a general analysis, it is obvious that Binamon is developing one of the greatest Decentralized Finance (DeFi) games available. Additionally, the game will be enormous in the NFT and GameFi sector, aiming to involve the online community. The official trailer may be seen on the protocol’s website. The DeFi sector keeps growing each day with such partnerships. Such partnerships and governance tokens based on NFT collections such as ApeCoin are truly building the forefront of Web 3.0.

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