Bill Gates: Web3 Is Not A Big Deal

Bill Gates, a co-founder of Microsoft, doesn’t appear persuaded by Web3‘s and the metaverse’s significance, claiming that the technology is not “revolutionary.”

The business magnate responded to a Redditor’s question about what modern technology has the potential that the internet did in 2000 by saying: “AI is the big one. I don’t think Web3 was that big or that metaverse stuff alone was revolutionary, but AI is quite revolutionary.”

The most interesting area for technical advancement today, according to him, was artificial intelligence (AI) during the ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) session, in which he answered inquiries regarding climate change, vegetarianism, and Infinite Jest (which he hasn’t read).

When asked about ChatGPT, a chatbot, he said it “gives a peek of what is to come.”

“I am impressed with this whole approach and the rate of innovation,” he added.

The philanthropist also discussed the potential uses of AI in his own humanitarian endeavors.

“Thinking of it in the Gates Foundation context, we want to have tutors that help kids learn math and stay interested,” he said. “We want medical help for people in Africa who can’t access a Doctor.”

Gates anticipated that the majority of virtual meetings would transition from 2D platforms like Zoom and Teams to the metaverse in two or three years towards the end of 2021. He continued by expressing his admiration for how virtual reality technology enhances the experience of distance meetings.

The billionaire has, however, made it apparent that he disapproves of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, claiming that they are “100% based on bigger fool theory.”

Microsoft has been making headway into the metaverse in the meanwhile; Gates is still active with the corporation, despite not being the day-to-day CEO.

Along with Meta, Sony, and Alibaba, it was one of 35 businesses that helped form the Metaverse Standards Forum last year. Coordination of collaboration is intended to promote an “open and inclusive metaverse.”

By making its meetings apps accessible on Meta devices, the business has also attempted to make Gates’ forecast about virtual meetings a reality.