Best Telegram Groups to Promote Crypto – 2022 Guide

A strong crypto community is essential to the success of any up-and-coming project. Telegram is a popular choice in the crypto community. It is popular with cryptocurrency investors and start-ups because of its privacy features, availability on multiple platforms, and support for bots. This is why Telegram is so popular.

To keep up to date with the most recent cryptocurrency events and which cryptocurrencies are booming, one of the best platforms to use is Telegram. Prominent Reddit forums and even Tiktok and Youtube stars talk about cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. A Telegram group may be one of the numerous social media platforms that a cryptocurrency project uses to maintain an online presence.

Telegram runs by allowing users to create either a one-way channel where they can only receive a stream of news or a group where they may freely chat with other members. There are now moderators and administrators on the platform to keep spammers at bay.

However, if you’re curious about the greatest crypto-telegram groups at the moment, here are the top crypto-telegram groups in 2022.

Crypto Academy Telegram

The Crypto Academy Telegram group is one of the most excellent crypto news sources available. Created by a global news platform that receives approximately 400K unique visitors per month from all over the world, you can count on the group to share the most recent news, guides, reviews, and even price predictions on the Telegram group as soon as they are published on the official website.

With over 40K members in the Telegram group, it guarantees to spread only the most accurate information. Additionally, you may discover brief videos giving just the most critical information about every new event here. The group is a wonderful news source for novice investors and even seasoned investors seeking information on the crypto world.

Granit X100 Review

Another Telegram group worth considering to promote cryptocurrencies is Granit X100 Reviews. Based on one of the largest cryptocurrency news and marketing agencies on the market, Granit X100 Review chooses to examine a variety of different crypto projects and publish its findings on the Telegram group. The Granit X100 Reviews Telegram group is an incredible way for novice crypto investors to learn about new and possibly lucrative crypto projects.

The group was founded on April 21 and has grown to over a hundred members in only a few days. The majority of the projects that will be posted will be in pre-sale since. This is where the majority of the money is made. With a lot of crypto experts looking for new projects every day, the group will be able to give very accurate information about new and potentially profitable crypto projects. Additionally, the group anticipates being verified by Telegram in the near future.

Travladd Crypto

Travladd is among the best Telegram groups in the market. With their influence throughout the internet, as well as their potentially lucrative calls on various projects, Travladd has distinguished itself as one of the best to do it in the crypto space. When it comes to crypto promotion, Travladd excels at giving the proper exposure to various projects. With the support of various institutional investors, and hundreds of thousands of followers throughout social media (i.e. Twitter), Travladd is one of the best on this list.

Besides the multiple giveaways that Travladd gives to its community, they also interact with the latter to keep a healthy and bullish environment in the group as well as on social media. The Telegram group has more than 80K members. All in all, Travladd remains one of the best in the business for crypto promotions.

This telegram group is one of the best out there. They’ve been in business since 2014 and have seen many cryptocurrency bull runs. They provide trade setups and offer realistic price predictions on both large and minor cryptocurrency projects.

Make sure you’re following a legitimate group, as there are several scam groups on Telegram with the same name. They provide both a free crypto Telegram group and a premium VIP Telegram. Additionally, the organization’s Telegram group has over 35K active members and is growing daily.


If you’re seeking a group similar to’s Telegram group, we’d strongly suggest Learn2Trade. Learn2Trade is excellent for investors wishing to invest in a variety of cryptocurrencies since the group is used by over 10,000 traders around the globe. Expert analysts with over a decade of market expertise offer very accurate crypto price predictions.

Learn2Trade, similar to, provides both a free and a VIP Telegram group. The group delivers some of the greatest free crypto signals out there, with multiple signals each week and a very high rate of success delivered through the free Telegram channel. If you want to join the VIP group, you’ll get 3–5 signals daily that also include other additional information.

You may get access to the VIP group for £35 each month. Many payment options are available, including a spectacular ‘Lifetime Membership’ for just £250. The website also has a lot of educational resources, like broker reviews, trading courses, and investment news feeds.


Additionally, we have OnwardBTC on our list of the finest crypto signal groups out there. A variety of trading methods and even crypto robots are available to OnwardBTC customers in nine separate Telegram groups. As of now, there are four cryptocurrency traders running the OnwardBTC service, who each specialize in a different aspect of the market.

The monthly fee for OnwardBTC’s signaling is $19.50, which gives you access to all of the Telegram groups. Due to its partnership, people who sign up for the ByBit exchange for the first time can get a free trial of crypto signals from OnwardBTC.

Furthermore, OnwardBTC supports Cornix, a trading bot created for Telegram groups. As a result, anytime you get a trade suggestion for the group, Cornix will take care of it for you immediately. As a result, you won’t miss a single deal, letting everyone take full advantage of OnwardBTC’s services.


AltSignals is yet another choice if you’re looking for an automated trading platform for the crypto market. Since its inception in 2017, AltSignals has amassed a user base of more than 50,000 members. AltSignals claims a 75% retention rate, with more than 3700 trade signals delivered since its start. Moreover, AltSignals isn’t simply a source of trade proposals. It’s also a training facility for traders who want to improve their performance.

For £99 a month, you may subscribe to the ‘Binance Futures’ service, which provides signals with a range of risk-to-reward ratios. An average rating of 4.6/5 is given to the platform by Trustpilot, which includes more than 290 reviews. As a final touch, the site provides novice traders with a selection of free trading tutorials for crypto.

MYC Signals

MyCryptopedia, a renowned crypto education platform, provides MYC Signals, a crypto signals Telegram group. A seasoned trading team provides around a dozen trade ideas every month to this signals supplier. Over 34,000 people are part of MYC Signals’ Telegram groups, and the company has been sending out reliable signals since 2017. It costs $60 a month for a BTC-only plan, while the other two cost $120 and $150 per month.

The group BTC group sends out 1-2 signals each week, whereas the other groups send out 3-5 per week. The MYC Signals webpage does have a page for historical data. However, it has not been modified since September 2021. Furthermore, MYC Signals does not currently provide any free crypto signals, but the site does offer $50 for lifelong access to an internet crypto trading program.

Gollum’s Gems

Gollum’s Gems is an AMA hub and a crypto review channel on Telegram. The Telegram group promotes cryptocurrencies for investors. Furthermore, the group intends to investigate a variety of cryptocurrency projects and share its findings with its over 30k members.

Numerous crypto specialists are continuously on the lookout for new initiatives; therefore, the team will be able to supply highly detailed information about upcoming crypto undertakings. Join the Telegram group to hear about new and profitable crypto ventures.

Sapphire Call’s

With over 25k members, Sapphire Call’s is another cryptocurrency-related telegram group for new investors to explore. The owner of the group is also featured in AMAs hosted by the group. The Telegram group plans to examine and share its conclusions on a broad variety of crypto ventures.

Investors new to crypto might benefit from the group’s Telegram channel, which provides information on lucrative projects. Moreover, the project also promotes crypto gambling opportunities for all the punters out there.

DeFiApeTalk Chat

This telegram group has a lot of intriguing personalities. DeFiApeTalk is yet another cryptocurrency-related telegram group that strives to provide its members with the most up-to-date information available. The group’s primary emphasis is on identifying promising BSC/ETH initiatives. The Telegram group is fairly active, with new projects being posted on a regular basis.

Hulk Calls

Another great option for investors is Hulks Calls, a Telegram group that promotes cryptocurrency. The telegram group decides to investigate a wide range of crypto projects and publish its results. Beginner crypto investors can learn about fresh and financially rewarding projects by joining the Telegram group.

Many crypto professionals are constantly on the lookout for new projects, so the group will be able to provide very precise information about emerging crypto projects.

Phoenix Holdings

The Phoenix Holdings group is one of the best sources of crypto information out there. The team is searching for the greatest blockchain initiatives available, and the group’s mission is to find the most profitable crypto initiatives.

The Telegram group has more than 6,000 members. Furthermore, it ensures that only the most reliable information is published. New investors, as well as those who are more experienced, may greatly benefit from this group’s news coverage of the cryptocurrency market.

Sers Investment Group

The Sers Investment Collection (SIG) Public Community is a group of experienced investors who are bringing you the option to invest in private sales on a large scale. The group, which is controlled by renowned cryptocurrency investors, guarantees the most up-to-date information.

The community now has over 5,000 members, all of whom are quite active in the group’s discussions. Additionally, if you have a crypto project of your own, you could promote it by contacting the owner.

The Gateway

The Gateway is another fantastic telegram group for new investors to consider joining. In the group, you may discover debates about cryptocurrency, as well as information about new cryptocurrency projects. A seasoned investor also owns the organization and desires the best for its members. The group now has over 11k members and is continuing to grow at a rapid rate.

Pythagoras Projects

Here comes another excellent Telegram group inspired by an ancient Greek mathematician of the same name. The organization has exceptional values as well as incredible crypto project knowledge. The organization also claims that some of its initiatives saw increases of up to 200x and even 1000x their original investment.

Furthermore, the crew is very attentive and active in responding to its consumers’ needs. You may schedule AMAs with the group owner and even form a partnership with them. There are now just 865 devoted and committed members in the group.

Moonarch Snipes

Even though this crypto-related telegram group has over 2k members, practically every single one of the projects uploaded has had more than 1k views, with several projects receiving more than 2k views. This demonstrates that the userbase is very committed to the group. Furthermore, the club solely promotes bullish and potentially profitable cryptocurrency ventures. The owner of the group is also a prominent figure in the crypto industry.

Anti Ruggers United 

As the name suggests, this club exclusively shares legitimate projects. With a very active and devoted user base, the club publishes legitimate and financially lucrative crypto initiatives. The Telegram group plans to study many crypto ventures and share its findings. By joining the Telegram group, novice crypto investors may learn about new and financially rewarding projects.


Lounge is another Telegram group to consider joining. When it comes to learning about new and potentially successful crypto projects, the group is a fantastic resource for prospective crypto investors. Furthermore, the group has regular AMAs, offers daily giveaways, and educates new users on anti-scam techniques and strategies. In addition to the Telegram group, you can get daily updates from a YouTube channel and a Twitter account.

Crypto Kudasai

Japanese-only users may join Crypto Kudasai, an outstanding crypto-related Telegram club. More than 20,000 people are a part of the community, and that number is expected to rise. Furthermore, the group also provides updates on pre-sale crypto projects that may have successful days ahead.

Onatis Presale

One of the best Telegram crypto groups, Onatis Presale, is for Turkish users exclusively. Currently, the organization has more than 3,000 members. Moreover, the organization also provides updates on pre-sale crypto projects that may arise in the future. As the name implies, this is a presale project group.

Doctors Crypto Clinic

The Doctors Crypto Clinic is a German-only telegram group that focuses on crypto-related topics. Additionally, the organization provides high-quality information regarding new and lucrative crypto initiatives. Over a thousand active Dutch members make up the membership of this club. For promotional reasons, you may also get in touch with the organization’s founder.

Tomket Lovers

Exclusively for Indonesian members, this telegram group is fantastic! In addition, the company provides high-quality information regarding upcoming cryptocurrency initiatives. The group is a fantastic community that is active and eager to become involved in new initiatives. The group has more than 44,000 members in total, which is impressive.

LiangJian Community

The Liangjian Community is a group of Chinese people who can trade digital currency and share welfare. Choose high-quality projects, work together closely, and enjoy special benefits. People take part in a wide range of welfare activities, such as lottery draws and airdrops, to give back to their group of friends. Moreover, the group has over 37k active members.

Doctore Trading

In the crypto-related telegram group Doctore Trading, the members are mainly Spaniards. New and forthcoming crypto projects, as well as noteworthy crypto news, can be discussed there. There are more than 1,000 members in the group, with the bulk of them active. In addition, the company’s personnel are quite welcoming to new investors.


  • Telegram is a prominent platform in the cryptocurrency industry, and it is especially popular among crypto investors and start-up projects.
  • With the rise of cryptocurrencies, Telegram is an excellent platform for keeping up with the latest crypto developments.
  • Granit X100 Reviews is one of the best crypto telegram groups.
  • The Crypto Academy Telegram group is one of the best crypto news sources accessible, created by a worldwide news network with over 400K monthly viewers.
  • The Learn2Trade Telegram group is a great resource for people interested in a wide range of cryptocurrencies.
  • If you’re searching for an automated trading tool for the cryptocurrency market, AltSignals is another great option.