BTC Whale Bought the Dip at 62k Adding $13 Million to its BTC Holdings

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The third biggest whale has jumped at the chance to take advantage of the Bitcoin (BTC) dive, buying the dip at $62,000. 

In the midst of the enormous correction of Bitcoin (BTC), one of the biggest Bitcoin (BTC) Whales has bought the dip at $62,000. The whale has acquired 207 coins soon after having sold $67,500 worth of Bitcoin (BTC), equivalent to 1,500 coins. 

The whale has been reacting swiftly in the recent price changes of Bitcoin (BTC), where the last major transaction involved selling the 1,500 coins when Bitcoin (BTC) was trading at $67,500. 

As the price of Bitcoin (BTC) dipped under $65,000 last week, the whale acquired some 1,123 coins when Bitcoin (BTC) was trading at $64,200. On Tuesday, the entity acquired 207 Bitcoin (BTC), equivalent to $12.8 million when Bitcoin (BTC) was trading at $62,000. 

At present, the whale in this address has an unrealized gain of $4.7 billion, owning exactly 108,528 Bitcoin (BTC). More bold transactions are expected to happen since for the first time since last month, Bitcoin (BTC) is trading under 60k. 

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