Vatican Will Soon Open NFT Gallery For All People Around The World

On the 2nd of May, the Vatican announced the launching of a non-fungible token (NFT) art gallery. This NFT gallery aims to allow visitors from all around the world to view its collection of artworks, manuscripts, and other artifacts.

According to the press statement, there is a partnership between the two firms. Humanity 2.0, a Vatican-led non-profit, and Sensorium, a virtual reality firm, are working together on the project.

Following on, Sensorium, a major Metaverse developer utilizing the most advanced AI, virtual reality, and NFT solutions, noted some key points. In a statement, Sensorium said that Vatican art, material, and academic endeavors will be housed in the first-ever VR and NFT gallery developed by the parties.

The Goal of Democratizing Art

In light of the NFTs gallery launch, Father Philip Larrey expressed his opinion. He holds the Chair of Logic and Epistemology at the Pontifical Lateran University in the Vatican. Regarding the event, Larrey said that working with Sensorium will allow them to investigate ways of democratizing art. In addition, they will make it more accessible to individuals around the world regardless of their socioeconomic and geographic limits.

In conclusion, Fr. Larrey added that with Sensorium’s help, they will be able to use cutting-edge technology to achieve this aim even faster.

VR Headsets Available for Visiting the Vatican Gallery

It looks like NFTs have taken the storm around the globe. Given their popularity, blockchains and NFTs have attracted a lot of investment from companies looking to become digital. Worth mentioning is one of the reasons for focusing on digital footprint, which is Covid and its subsequent lockdowns. Like many businesses, the Vatican is following the same path as well. 

Looking at the NFTs museum, you need virtual reality headsets and desktop computers to be able to visit the museum later this year.

One may see a wide variety of art and antiquities from all over the world in the Vatican. It hosts the most beautiful art on a global scale. From Michelangelo and Raphael to Wassily Kandinsky and Vincent van Gogh, the Vatican Museums have over 800 works of art. Despite the announcement, there is no certain word on whether or when the Vatican’s collection will be made available for purchase as NFTs.