Following the Super Bowl Spree, Cryptocurrency Apps have Gained Traction

After a Super Bowl ad featuring digital assets, cryptocurrency apps soared to the top of the App Store download rankings in the United States on Monday.

FTX and Coinbase, two of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, ended up vying for viewers’ attention as a result of the Super Bowl LVI matchup between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams. Hence, Coinbase’s app jumped from 186th to the second rank on the App Store.

The commercial for Coinbase generated a surge of downloads. Likewise, eToro and Blockfolio of FTX  both rose in the ranks after running adverts while the match was taking place.

A QR code flying around the display in Coinbase’s commercial offered spectators to partake in a massive giveaway, with over $100 million in rewards for the cryptocurrency community members anticipated for 2022. However, shortly after the commercial ran, Coinbase’s website faced some problems.

Larry David, the comedian, was featured in FTX’s commercial. From the wheel to a fork to a toilet, David dismisses some of history’s biggest innovations in this commercial. “I don’t think so. And I’m never wrong about this stuff,” right after getting acquainted with the FTX app.