McDonald’s Hints it Will Accept Dogecoin as a Payment Method

In a recent tweet, McDonald’s stated that something big is coming. This led to people claiming that McDonald’s will soon accept Dogecoin as a payment method.

Recently, McDonald’s has been very active on its Twitter account. McDonald’s continuously makes memes and makes fun of crypto investors – especially now that the market is down. Recently, they tweeted a picture of a drive-through and a tractor. What made this interesting is the reply from Elon Musk, who simply replied using a splash emoji. 

Although this seems like nothing, such a reply gave hope to cryptocurrency enthusiasts that McDonald’s will accept Dogecoin. Elon Musk is the one that initiated such a movement… as always. The CEO of Tesla has been supporting Dogecoin since 2020 through various tweets and public statements. Now, Tesla accepts DOGE as payment for merchandise items.

Will McDonald’s Accept Dogecoin?

But will McDonald’s really accept Dogecoin? Everything started with Elon Musk tweeting about an offer for McDonald’s. In his tweet, he claims that he will eat a happy meal on TV if McDonald’s accepts DOGE as a payment method. This would be a win-win situation for both McDonald’s and Dogecoin.

One day after the tweet, McDonald’s quoted the tweet by saying that they would accept Dogecoin as payment if Tesla accepts Grimacecoin. The latter didn’t even exist back then. So, McDonald’s was making fun of Elon Musk for asking for such a thing. However, this joke did not kill the hype of Dogecoin’s community. 

Most of the community, including the creators of Dogecoin, believe that McDonald’s will accept Dogecoin. McDonald’s recent tweet gave them even more hope that such a thing will happen very soon. A collaboration between McDonald’s and Dogecoin would serve as a great publicity stunt for both parties. If McDonald’s would offer a new product that you can only purchase using DOGE, crypto enthusiasts would go crazy.