Solana Blockchain Encountered a Degradation of Network Performance Twice This Week

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For the second time this week, Solana blockchain encountered a drop in network performance. In Solana’s report, the issues were caused due to a high rise in transaction computes. 

The originally advertised network amplitude ought to be by 50,000 transactions per second (TPS). However, the transactions were now lessened by several thousand TPS per second. 

This was one of the reasons why these users might have had failed transactions, stated Solana. Thus far, the developers are working in order to fix the aforementioned issue. 

However, the matter in question came only a few days after the exact same problem occurred on Tuesday, making users experience the same troubles. According to speculations, what happened on Tuesday was due to an attack distributed by the denial of service (DDoS). Nonetheless, the co-founder of Solana, Anatoly Yakovenko, made a statement on Twitter regarding the matter. He stated that this was merely one of the drawbacks of commercialization.

Regarding the latest events, Solana publicized the series of tweets mentioning the reasons why they wouldn’t carry on with the project. The chief of investment office Justin Bons of the Cyber Capital indicated his disapprobation of the spoken matter. 

Asserting the discontent, Bons cited that Solana is constantly facing issues. He added that Solana has been prioritizing commercialism and attracting investors rather than focusing on the development of their blockchain.

Hinting that along with DDoS attacks not being the only issue, he also criticized how the security of this network is working. He stated that a DDoS attack is similar to a 51% attack. Furthermore, he made it clear that the attackers might gain proportional-staked, short-termed control of the network by targeting stakeholders.

Dismissing all the claims, Yakovenko stated that this is merely “exhausting nonsense” as it is very “impossible to DDoS a private key.” 

Austin Federa Comments on Solana’s Network

DDoS created a similar effect on degrading the network performance by hitting Solana again only last year. Along with that, Austin Federa noticed that the outage of the numbers of transactions only came out during the initial DEX offering. He stated that this offering “landed in a Solana block that took an excessive amount of the computing power.”

According to Federa, the computers had issues since they did not undergo proper regulations from the network. As a result, the process of block creation lasted longer than the network expected.

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