The Long-Awaited SafeMoon Wallet Finally Launches on Google Play Store

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There were numerous speculations around the launch of the long-awaited SafeMoon Wallet, with some claiming that this wallet will never come. Moreover, the SafeMoon company has been quite busy with inner problems lately, something that influenced the market performance of the token negatively.

Recently, the former CTO of SafeMoon, Hank Wyatt, resigned and announced it through Twitter. This made people wonder whether this was somehow related to the failed launch attempt of the SafeMoon Wallet back on Aug. 28.

Nevertheless, there is no confirmation whether there him resigning had anything to do with the launch of the SafeMoon Wallet.

Finally, the SafeMoon Wallet has successfully launched on the 13th of September and is available for download on the Google Play Store. The release date for the iOS version is still unknown; however, the SafeMoon team announced that the iOS version is coming soon.

Having launched yesterday, the wallet already has more than 50,000 downloads. Moreover, more than 95% of the total 7,000 reviews are five-star reviews

The Long-Awaited SafeMoon Wallet Finally Launches on Google Play
SafeMoon Wallet Google Play Store. Source: GooglePlayStore

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