RTFKT Collection Prices Skyrocket After Being Bought by Nike

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Earlier this week, Nike purchased the RTFKT – an NFT sneaker studio. This has caused the prices of the items of this collection over the roof. 

Just before Nike acquired it, RTFKT launched a collection that is made up of mint passes for avatar characters that go by the name of Clone X. These mint passes were trading at roughly 3.8Ξ (Ξ stands for Ethereum). However, since Nike bought the brand behind the collection, their floor price is sitting at around 11.1Ξ. This makes the cheapest RTFKT item valued at over $40,000.

Interestingly enough, the collection that includes the actual avatars has a floor price of just 4.8Ξ. Yet, the Clone X NFT collection is the most traded OpenSea collection for this week. In just some days, this collection has accumulated more than 32,000Ξ in volume

Rarer pieces, however, have been trading for unbelievable prices. Just two days ago, somebody sold one item for 288Ξ. Additionally, many other items have been sold for 100Ξ or more.

Nike & Adidas in the Metaverse

Before Nike got in this game, Adidas announced a partnership with the Bored Ape Yacht Club. On the 2nd of December, Adidas tweeted a video of 3D versions of Bored Apes wearing Adidas clothes. Through this partnership, Adidas aims to take over the Metaverse.

To add to this, Adidas have changed their profile picture on Twitter. At the time of writing, they have an unreleased Bored Ape as their profile picture. 

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