OpenSea Sued by an NFT Collector

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OpenSea, one of the biggest NFT marketplaces, may face legal action from an NFT collector, who claims that the former is ignoring users’ concerns.

Robbie Acres, an NFT collector, is filing a lawsuit against OpenSea. OpenSea allegedly failed to give the proper assistance to Robbie and other collectors during their time of need.

Robbie lost two of his precious NFTs in a phishing scam. After noticing that his NFTs were missing, Robbie notified OpenSea and asked for their assistance on how to try and get the NFTs back.

However, OpenSea responded more than two days late. By that time, the person that stole the NFTs already sold them at a lower price than the value in order to get rid of the NFTs as soon as possible. 

Moreover, Robbie stated that OpenSea’s response was to lock Robbie’s account so that the scammer does not steal more NFTs. However, this was not what Robbie wanted. That is because OpenSea kept the account on lock for three more months, preventing Robbie from accessing his NFT portfolio.

Because of that, Robbie claims to have lost around $500,000. Therefore, he is suing OpenSea.

According to Robbie’s lawyers, many OpenSea users experience the same thing. Most of these users believe that OpenSea fails to provide assistance to people whose NFTs get stolen within the marketplace.

The lawyers went on to say that OpenSea must prioritize its user base rather than be “blinded by growth.”

OpenSea representatives, on the other hand, stated that OpenSea is not responsible for the scam because it did not occur within the marketplace. Moreover, they did acknowledge that NFT thefts are becoming an ever-increasing problem. But, OpenSea supposedly invested in the infrastructure needed to solve such issues.

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