Elon Musk To Purchase Manchester United For £4.5B

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Elon Musk enjoys both madness and money. Additionally, he enjoys Manchester United and is one of the lucky few who can afford to purchase them.

According to insiders, the internet mogul is reportedly keeping a close eye on the situation and considering if he should take advantage of any opportunities at Old Trafford.

It is said that many have shown interest and signed confidentiality agreements giving them access to the “data room.”

Elon Musk at Super Bowl 2023. Source: FOX 
Elon Musk at Super Bowl 2023. Source: FOX 

Among them are a number of Saudi Arabian parties unrelated to those that control Newcastle United. If they decide to launch a bid, they may require a charismatic figurehead to lead it.

Few would bear Musk’s weight, who caused havoc on his own platform when he tweeted that he would acquire United, only to retract his statement later.

His wealth was estimated to be worth $157 billion at the time of the latest count. 

In August, with United supporters preparing a demonstration against the Glazer family before a game against Liverpool at home and Erik ten Hag’s administration having a slow start, Musk wrote on Twitter, “Also, I’m purchasing Manchester United ur welcome.”

It was like music to some United supporters. And even though he later clarified that he was joking, the response was not unnoticed.

However, if it were any team, it would be Manchester United, Musk subsequently said. “As a child, they were my favorite team. It is simple to accept.”

Musk was born and raised in South Africa, where he lived until he was 18 years old. He will have seen firsthand how far the United reaches.

As the owner of Twitter, he will have observed that few entities generate the clicks, frenzy, and curiosity that Old Trafford does. In that regard, they are unique.

He will also be fully aware of United’s dominance in Manchester and beyond.

Indeed, a new project – and the potential for even more money – may be tough to refuse. The six months after his gag has not been kind.

According to Guinness World Records, Musk broke the world record for the biggest loss of personal fortune in history last month, with an estimated decrease of $150 billion since November.

Elon Musk - joking about buying Man Utd. Source: Twitter 
Elon Musk - joking about buying Man Utd. Source: Twitter 
Elon Musk – joking about buying Man Utd. Source: Twitter 

Last week, Sportsmail reported that a consortium of Qataris will submit their own proposal. According to reports, they are “working around the clock” and “assured” that theirs will be the strongest package.

There are anticipated to be four more competitors as opponents. Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the richest man in Britain, is one of them.

The Ineos CEO, a United supporter, has already made his intentions known and lined up banks to help him.

Ratcliffe’s net worth was estimated to be $21 billion in 2018, and his businesses are still doing well. 

Should Musk choose to participate, the dynamics would shift. If his little experience at Twitter is any hint, it would also be well worth monitoring.

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