Elon Musk Developing OpenAI ChatGPT Rival

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A chatbot with artificial intelligence (AI), called ChatGPT from OpenAI, has been sweeping the globe. In barely two months after its inception, ChatGPT amassed over 100 million users.

Furthermore, it receives more than 13 million visits each day. This led to it quickly being one of the user apps with the highest growth rates. Elon Musk appears to be leaning toward developing a ChatGPT competitor after pointing out the dangers of AI.

The Information has reported that Musk had been in touch with AI researchers. The goal of this is to build a new research center that will be used to create ChatGPT substitutes.

Moreover, Musk is now interested in Igor Babuschkin. Recently, this researcher left Alphabet’s DeepMind AI division.

According to the article, Musk, and Babuschkin discussed assembling a team to do AI research, cited Babuschkin in an interview. Nevertheless, the endeavor is still in its early stages and lacks a clear plan to develop specific goods. Musk wasn’t aiming to create a chatbot with less content protections, he said.

However, the AI researcher and Musk have not yet entered into a contract or other arrangement.

The greatest concern with sci-fi scenarios involving AI is that chatbots and robots, now under human control, may escape that control. Some individuals are concerned that evildoers would use AI to achieve their own goals. Musk has been criticizing ChatGPT, or AI in particular over the past couple of weeks.

Several people pointed out to him that he co-founded OpenAI during this time. Musk responded that OpenAI had turned into a “closed source, maximum-profit enterprise basically controlled by Microsoft as it had developed. He emphasized that he established OpenAI as an open-source nonprofit organization.

Many people assumed that Musk wouldn’t be working on any AI-related projects. Yet the CEO of Tesla shocked everyone with his unpredictable behavior.

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