Meet Agora Tech Lab (ATL) – The First Global Initiative to Decentralized Waste Management

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Agora Tech Lab (ATL) is dedicated to improving global waste management by employing blockchain to decentralize waste management systems, allowing cities to participate more effectively. Waste recycling payments to individuals can be paid instantly and with extremely low transaction fees because of the collaboration with local businesses.

By 2025, the World Bank predicts a 70% increase in waste, which has become one of the world’s most pressing issues. As a result, effective and innovative waste management systems are critical for environmental and infrastructure sustainability, with a specific focus in developing countries that have to meet international waste management standards.

By allowing community members to be in control and transforming cities section by section, blockchain promises a tremendous opportunity for this process to be decentralized and fundamentally changed.

The Agora Tech Lab (ATL) team is made up of urban planners, policy experts, technologists, and visionaries who all share a singular premise: 

“To create future-proof cities.” 

Guiding Principles of Agora Tech Lab (ATL)

  • Decentralized – Agora Tech Lab (ATL) is encouraging grassroots action in its mission to revolutionize waste management in cities. If the right incentives are put in place, local groups and consumers can collaborate to recycle rubbish, reducing the quantity of waste produced.
  • Circular – By collaborating with packaging manufacturers, waste disposal organizations, and other waste-related businesses, ATL hopes to give individuals with incentives by lowering the cost of waste management and developing cradle-to-cradle resource economies.
  • Rewarding – Waste is useful, and ATL wants everyone to benefit from the waste to resource value chain in order to make recycling worthy and entertaining.

How Agora Tech Labs (ATL) Works

Agora Tech Lab is based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and is situated in one of the world’s most intriguing metropolitan landscapes. Given the advanced infrastructure and architecture of Rotterdam, Agora Tech Labs (ATL) can devise many waste management approaches that are applicable to tackling the problem on the domestic as well as international scope.

Waste collection and recycling become much more interactive when there is a motivation to recycle, such as through tokens. Individuals who collect tokens through recycling can use them to pay for public services or pool them to fund community projects.

The process entails four steps which are also applicable in broader urban governance projects:

  1. Waste collection
  2. Transporting of waste to recycling centers
  3. Reward issuance through tokens 
  4. Token usage for public service

ATL’s native coin is now running on BSC, but the intention is to switch to Holochain soon. ATL BEP-20 will be used as a stand-in until the Holochain native token is released.

By the fourth quarter of 2021 or the first quarter of 2022, Agora Tech Lab (ATL) will be built in Holochain.

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